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Monday, February 23, 2009

what is freemason freemasonry fremason

freemansonry is to support pro-Israel Zionist secret movement and network, they come from any countries and religion, such as Rotary Club/Rotary International is one of the movement component to affiliate the program with non Zionist. The modern purpose of the movement and network is to support zionist agenda through financial/banking network (including gold), business network, political network, media network, energy network (oil, gas, nuclear), etc.

Secret and keeping secret is very important in freemasons. Signs, symbol, password, hand gestures are used for basic secret communication. Higher level of members will keep more higher secret information. Higher level member will have more authority to command high impact action delivered indirectly with other masonic cell body.

Talking about religious and political in some level of members meeting is forbidden because it will lead to information about zionist politic and religious agenda information from the network.

Anders Behring Breivik is freemason (Norway, 2011) for twin attack, who claim christian but most of the victim is christian, this similar with Bush did in twin tower WTC but with very careful intelligence operation to support zionist agenda and high secrecy, both will have same opinion "the actions are gruesome but necessary".
- Ridwan Saidi: researcher regarding Zionism, book : Fakta dan Data Yahudi di Indonesia
- book: Jaringan Yahudi di Nusantara by  Artawijaya

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