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Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to Install SAP ECC 6

The complete reference for installation is included in following documents:
  • master guides
  • Planning and Preparation guides
  • installation guides
  • media guides
All the documents above can be found at
Some issues related to installation
  • generating solution manager key (solman key) : run SMSY tcode in Solman system
  • the package of installation: IDES ECC6 installation, basic installation of ECC6
  • legal SAP license key
  • database installation and operating system update requirements
  • dual stack (ABAP and Java engine) installation: no more dual stack in new release
  • Unicode: new installation will be always unicode based
  • Enhancement Package, EHP installation (EHP4/EHP5): which business function and technical usage will be installed and activated, run business function prediction from SAP if you have reference system (esp in Upgrade)

ECC 6.0 / ERP 6.0 Download including EHP1/EHP2 of Netweaver and EHP4/EHP5
  • the software can be downloaded from
  • the complete package can be defined through solution manager Maintenance Optimizer function (MOPZ), list of software will be generated from the function
  • to approve the software you need to login to solution manager
  • to access the download site use s/s000 user such as s00012345 password sappass001
  • to download the software, use download basket or SAP download manager with capability of resuming the download
to be continued TBC

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Download SAP Software (ecc5, ecc6, ecc7)

Important location for SAP softwares:
There is no ECC7 software, the name suggested might be for NW7 (Netweaver) which is available from SAP.
Other variant is SAP ECC 6 with EHP 7 (Enhancement package 7/EHP7) which is part of ERP 6.0.

There is training material from SAP Marketplace which provide complete download process through following channel:
- Solution Manager
- XML based software logistic bundle generated by SAP Marketplace or Solution Manager

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Disaster Recovery, DRC and DRP

DRC = Disaster Recovery Center, DRP = Disaster Recovery Plan

Issue : cost reduction for DRC, technology, scope
Infrastructure: additional data center, additional communication link, medium to high speed link between data center and DRC, standard and operation procedure

Resources for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (general):

DRC Type:
  • Hot DRC: data continuously synchronized or backuped to DRC infrastructure, business operation user still can continue their operation without significant disruption when disaster happening in original services
  • Warm DRC: like Hot DRC except there will be manual switch to DRC system
  • Cold DRC: most updated backup will be used for restoration to DRC center when disaster happens, there will be manual moving to DRC system

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force majeure, exit point, DRC mirroring, BCP, DRC sizing, DRC product, DRC site, online data storage, emergency data processing, hot site facility, host site recovery, ready to run DRC site, contingency plan, contigent DRC, testing, cost, investment on DRC, collocation, data center

Sunday, May 25, 2008

SAP Insider Administration and Infrastructure Conference

SAP Insider Administration and Infrastructure Conference

Track 1 Managing SAP teams, projects, & technical support
Session 1 Case study: Managing risk - The case for automating change & release management at CHEP
Session 2 Improve the way you communicate & manage change: A tool-based recipe for success
Session 3 Keeping tabs on your contractors: The art & science of managing remote consulting relationships
Session 4 Leverage SAP NWMaster Data Management (SAP NWMDM) to support & enforce your data governance processes
Session 5 Proven strategies for defining, creating, & maintaining a world-class SAP technical support organization
Session 6 What every administrator needs to know about managing portals

Track 2: SAP implementations & upgrades: Strategies, best practices, & project accelerators
Session 1 SAP implementations & upgrades: Strategies, best practices, & project accelerators
Session 2 Case study: Monsanto's multi-year, multi-nation rollout of SAP, all contained in a single instance
Session 3 Case Study: One Basis team's journey from ABAP to J2EE & SAP NetWeaver
Session 4 Technical considerations for preparing, scoping, & performing an SAP upgrade
Session 5 Fortify your SAP ERP upgrade toolbox with the latest tools, accelerators, & resources
Session 6 Update or wait: The key factors that determine if, when, & how to move forward with an SAP ERP upgrade
Session 7 Upgrading BW to SAP NWBI 7.0: An overview of steps, including tips & tricks to ensure a successful upgrade
Session 8 Upgrading to Oracle 10G: Critical decisions for SAP administrators
Session 9 Methods for sizing your SAP hardware systems: From blueprint to upgrade
Session 10 Planning an SAP NWBI system landscape for your SAP NW7.0 implementation
Session 11 The best ways to tackle application modifications, testing, & other key technical SAP ERP upgrade considerations

Track 3 Optimizing your security, audit, & compliance activities
Session 1 A comprehensive guide to securing your SAP NWPortal
Session 2 Best practices for building a secure & centralized identity & authentication management solution using SAP NWPortal & LDAP
Session 3 Best practices to design & implement SAP security roles Part 1: Ensuring airtight Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
Session 4 Best practices to design & implement SAP security roles Part 2: Technical solutions revealed to simplify security administration
Session 5 How to provide & support single sign-on to heterogeneous system landscapes using SAP NW
Session 6 Invaluable lessons for mastering technical change management audits
Session 7 Tricks & tools for early detection of auditing problems in your SAP configuration & data
Session 8 Case study: How ConocoPhillips secures external access to its SAP systems for business partners, customers, & employees
Session 9 Case study: How Polk County school district uses biometric security to lock down specific SAP transaction & functions

Track 4 Lessons to evaluate, implement, & optimize SAP Solution Manager
Session 1 ChaRM your way through key upgrades, implementations, & governance projects with SAP Solution Manager
Session 2 How to utilize SAP Solution Manager for central system monitoring & alert monitoring
Session 3 A Basis administrator's guide to properly implementing & leveraging SAP Solution Manager
Session 4 Case study: How Axon Solutions manages its complex SAP landscape with SAP Solution Manager
Session 5 Improve end-to-end business process operation using SAP Solution Manager & other critical SAP tools
Session 6 Improve the efficiency of end-to-end root cause analysis activities using SAP Solution Manager
Session 7 Using SAP Solution Manager's Service Desk for issue management
Session 8 Introduction to the Maintenance Optimizer:
SAP Solution Manager's new tool for downloading support packages & patches for Java instances
Session 9 Speed up your next SAP implementation or upgrade project using SAP Solution Manager
Session 10 Using SAP Solution Manager to automate & facilitate end-to-end change request management & change control management

Track 5: Ensuring healthy, high-performing SAP systems
Session 1 Administrative best practices, tips, & resources for smooth, stable, & low-cost SAP NWBI operations
Session 2 Dos & don'ts for volume testing your portal
Session 3 How to optimize performance of your enterprise service-oriented architecture
Session 4 Managing qRFC traffic
Session 5 Strategically managing SAP landscape performance: Tips & techniques for effective troubleshooting & proactive performance management
Session 6 Undocumented SAP NWBI 7.0 performance tuning & optimization tips & techniques

Track 6: Managing Java-based resources & applications in an SAP environment
Session 1 An expert guide to successfully managing & executing Java system copy processes
Session 2 Best practices for Java performance analysis
Session 3 A guide to monitoring SAP Web AS Java for administrators
Session 4 A more efficient way to perform Java memory analysis & management
Session 5 Mastering garbage collection in J2EE
Session 6 Evaluate, apply, & manage transports for Java-based SAP applications: Tools & best practices

Track 7: Best practices for high availability, disaster recovery, & SAP landscape optimization
Session 1 Case study: How Axon Global leverages the SAP NWPortal & guided procedures to automate & simplify key administration
Session 2 Case study: How Dominion Resources optimizes the administration of its SAP NWExchange Infrastructure environment
Session 3 Prepare, scope, & deploy a rock-solid disaster recovery plan
Session 4 Case study: Proven tips from Axon on how to build & support complex landscapes through virtualization
Session 5 Changing system landscapes while building sandboxes & development systems
Session 6 Practical tips & techniques to build a highly available SAP NWlandscape
Session 7 Standardizing your SAP R/3 global landscape: It’s not as easy as you may think, but it can be done
Session 8 Strategies & best practices to design a bulletproof disaster recovery architecture for your SAP operations
Session 9 Case study: How Coca-Cola Enterprises delivers continuous global SAP availability

Track 8: Best practices for data management & database administration
Session 1 Improve monitoring & boost query performance using the SAP DBA Cockpit, SAP Code Inspector, & key Microsoft SQL Server features
Session 2 Ready for the Vipers? DB2 9.1 & 9.5 for LUW optimized for SAP
Session 3 Advanced internal Oracle tuning techniques for SAP systems
Session 4 A detailed introduction to SAP data archiving
Session 5 Advanced data archiving & data management techniques for SAP administrators
Session 6 DB2 for LUW optimized for SAP! Fact or fiction?
Session 7 Optimizing SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) transfer performance
Session 8 An A to Z guide to understanding & implementing SAP Content Server & third-party content management tools
Session 9 An introduction to the SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS): Creating non-production systems with a reduced set of data
Session 10 Data archiving & retention management strategies - Tips & techniques for building a technical foundation for Information Lifecycle
Management Solution from SAP
Session 11 SAP ERP data archiving: The latest tools to manage your SAP ERP data archiving projects
Session 12 What every SAP administrator needs to know about Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Track 9: Planning & executing Unicode conversions
Session 1 Case study: How Discovery Communications successfully combined its upgrade & Unicode conversion from SAP R/3 4.6C to SAP ECC 6.0
Session 2 How to choose the right technical conversion process for your Unicode project
Session 3 Project manager's checklist to conduct a Unicode conversion project
Session 4 Valuable tips to optimize your Unicode conversion
Session 5 What every SAP customer needs to know about Unicode conversion projects
Session 6 What you need to know to plan & execute a successful Unicode conversion

I will update the complete details later.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First SAP Solution Lab

Wipro technologies is SAP Partner, the first SAP partnet will run SAP Solution Lab. This lab will provide customer with evaluating SAP solutions, leverage adoption throug solution test-drive.

Collaboration: with SAP Co-Innovation Lab, Industry Networks and others.

Wipro is leading on SOA adaption (enterprise SOA), Web 2.0 technology adaption (wiki, blog, and virtual environment like Second Life)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting SAP License Key / Serial Key legally via marketplace

There are at least 3 license key types
1. SAP License key: for SAP instance/server installation, new licenses and Old Licenses, e.g. NetWeaver_ORA
2. SSCR key: for modifying or creating SAP objects under SAP name space
3. developer key: for ABAP user to be able to create and modify ABAP objects under customer name space
4. SAP maintenance license: in some cases we can't install patches anymore without this license, called e.g. Maintenance_ORA

To get the license, we need to have s user that has authorization to register the installation and object, and authorization to generate the licenses. For example user s user naming is s00019920706 with password 19920706.
To register the installation use the s user in URL
To get the licenses use URL

SAP will send the license to our email address registered when requesting the license. You can also download the serial keys from above URL when the license is completed status. For ABAP stack we can apply through tcode SLICENSE or in OS level through saplicense command. Visual Administrator is used in Java stack for same purpose.

Some tables and tcodes that has relation with developer key: DEVACCESS, USR02, usmm tcode, SLIC/SLICENSE tcode, saplicense OS command.

Without the correct license you may only login with sap* (sapstar) user in client 000 which not able to run any meaningful business transaction. There is hack for superuser password when sap* is locked/unknown password, a certain row in table USR02 can be deleted through database access at OS level, then the superuser password will be back to default "pass" (A certain sap parameter need to be applied beforehand).

SAP is legal business tools that we have to keep away from cracking activity to get license.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cheaper Balkberry and SAP services

Blackberry has been becoming popular and also cheaper in Indonesia. Mobile communication provider Excelcom Pratama or XL provides this service with quite competitive pricing (200thousand IDR or 14 EUR per month for Unlimited APN Blackbery + free talk program).
This program is also packaged with handheld Blacberry type 8120 and 8820 (Rp 5.5 Million and 6.8 Million Rupiah).
SAP and Research in Motion (RIM, Canadian company as Blackberry maker) announce that they want change the way of people work which allowing them to tie less to their computer and office network, instead they will rely more on SAP and Blackberry services.

SAP software adapted is CRM (customer relationship management) services through web browser frontend as user interface. Business information such as reports, master data records, maps, videos, more complex business data and GPS-enabled services will be readily available in Blueberry services.

SAP also develops business application for iPhone from Apple. The technology behind this will be probably SAP Netweaver supports and sits under the CRM server.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

SOA - Service-Oriented Architecture

Enterprise SOA (ESOA) is SAP blueprint of SOA for its customer, partner, and other SAP ecosystem

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- Enterprise Service Repository, Enterprise Service, Enterprise Service Inventory, Enterprise Service asset, ES Community, ES Definition Group, ES Workplace,
- Composite Applications, ES Package, Enhancement Package, Technology Enabler, Composite Process, Core Process, Web Dynpro, Visual Composer, Netweaver, JEE (Java Enterprise Engine), business service, technical service, SAP Business Suite, Business Process Platform
- buy, build, compose, consume, design, development, identification, consumption, modelling, productized, intoduce steps, remove steps, rearrange steps
- productized, harmonized
- reuse, reusability, flexible, flexibility, standard, standarized way to consume, loosely coupled, reuse, granular, modular, component, interoperable
- process part, process components, business objects (BO), global data type (GDT), service interface, service operation, process governance, well-defined interface,
- Business Process Platform, Applicaton Platform
- Process Integration Content (PIC), PIC 0, PIC 1, PIC 2, PIC 3, GDT PIC
- Industry Value Network, ES Community (ESC), Customer, Partner, Partner Group, Business Process expert, Enterprise architect, Application consultant, SAP ecosystem
- Service Requester, Service Broker, Service Provider
- Switch Framework, Composite Application Framework (CAF), Composition Environment (CE)
- deliver innovation faster,
- process layer, UI layer (user interface), local logic layer (local process layer), enterprise level additon for SOA, business view, technical view
- Web Service Definition Language (WDSL), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI), Extensible Markup Language (XML)
- seamless integration, composite application, segmentation of business function, stable core
- Geoff Moore, Core and Context model, process innovation demand, process efficiency demmand
- Business Process Platform on ABAP stack, Composite Platform / Composite Application on Java stack, Netweaver technology stack, dual stack

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