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Thursday, February 28, 2008

In few years, 1 EURO would be 2 USD

After the speculation on recession that 1euro would become 1.5 usd coming true for few months, We will probably see in few years that 1eur will become 2usd. USD will be lower and lower for years to come. US dollar crashes through $1.50 level against Euro in advance of Bernanke's expected signal to the US Congress of further rate cuts sign of recession, very unstable US dollar

What they say about saving to dollar is now more and more inevitable if we want to secure values. Money especially USD will lost its value more and more comparing to gold or other currency.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SAP career is better than Oracle career?

This might be not true. But i notice there are many consultant coming from other ERP background migrated to SAP (including from Oracle), also the customer bases, i meant Oracle customers migrated to SAP. But I cant recall any of my colleagues or consultant I know which migrate to Oracle from SAP.

There are some news regarding SAP customer going to Oracle ERP, but it seems marketing news and only one or two cases which is blown up to media. In same time SAP customer is also sometimes an Oracle customer as well, the company uses SAP for its ERP but use Oracle as their database server (RDBMS).

SAP career will be very difficult to find if you are not lucky comparing to Oracle career, so there is good positive rewards for people who can find the difficult jobs.

Better consulting career in SAP or Oracle? you may answer better now.

How to find this difficult job much more easier? I will try to write later about it.

is SAP Upgrade good job opportunity for new ABAP programmer?

SAP customer will find newer and newer version of ECC 6.0 Ecc7 ecc8 and so on, while older version may out from SAP maintenance terms. To maintain support from SAP, we need to perform upgrade to supported level of SAP version.

Consider following
- dictionary changes for higher version (new tables, change of fields, new structure, new objects)
- new component in new release such as
  • integrated ITS (starting from R/3 Enterprise)
  • additional standard plug in for R/3 such as SAP_BW (starting from ECC 5.0)
-GUI changes: for example debugger and SE38 editor will also has new face in ECC5 version, for functional transaction there will be BDC changes because of screen changes in new version
- based on functional or business process test, we will find more objects to fix because of upgrade process

Does SAP upgrade need certification or certified consultant to do it? not needed. I think a fresh graduate with 1 month ABAP extensive training and 6 months self study of ABAP can handle this upgrade. But because of tight upgrade schedule, this would not be good job opportunity for upgrade freshgrad

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chemical Weapon in Los Alamos?

It could be false or true, we have seen the fact chemical weapon was used in Vietnam war by US or nuclear-contained weapon in Iraq war.

How about the chemical development, let's see the detail from

THE United States has rejected the Indonesian Health Minister's claims that it is using bird flu samples to produce biological weapons and World Health Organisation officials have condemned allegations of conspiring to profit from bird flu vaccines. The Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, is understood to have ordered the minister, Siti Fadilah Supari, to recall copies of her book on avian influenza, which alleges the US and the WHO are conspiring against developing countries by seizing control of bird flu samples.

WHO officials said they were dismayed by some of the claims and urged Dr Supari to do more to control bird flu's spread and end her refusal to share virus samples - which is hampering attempts to find a cure.

At a news conference yesterday Dr Yudhoyono said Indonesia was willing to resume sharing bird flu virus samples if a fair and equitable agreement was reached.

"There is a misunderstanding among foreign nations that Indonesia won't co-operate, as if Indonesia won't share … but concrete co-operation has to be based on fairness."

A US State Department spokeswoman, Susan Stahl, denied Dr Supari's claim that Indonesian virus samples had been sent to a biological weapons laboratory in Los Alamos. The laboratory possessed no bird flu viruses from Indonesia or elsewhere, she said.

The facility's only involvement was hosting a database of publicly available genetic-sequencing data to help track the evolution of the virus, she said.

Dr Supari yesterday continued to say that virus samples had been sent via the WHO to the laboratory in Los Alamos. "Whether they use it to make vaccine or develop chemical weapons would depend on the need and interest of the US Government. It is indeed a very dangerous situation for the destiny of humanity."

The WHO's assistant director-general for Health Security, David Heymann, said he was puzzled by the claims.

"I don't understand why they would take this virus to make a biological weapon; it doesn't transmit from human to human. Indonesia needs to spend more time on dealing with infections with chickens and stopping humans from being infected."

He said Dr Supari had opened up the important issue of improving access to vaccines.

The director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Influenza in Melbourne, Anne Kelso, said she was saddened by the accusations and the organisation monitored how the virus was changing. "We don't personally profit in any way from that work," she said.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

masih ada PKI di kampus?

membaca artikel ini , mengerikan juga kalau memang betul2x ada simpatisan PKI di kampus Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Asuransi Trisakti (STMAT). Perusahaan dan sekolah mungkin perlu berhati2 dengan memberikan pendidikan demokrasi yang menghindari euforia reformasi dari susupan2 PKI.

spare time to read Danish Product list, Denmark produk

Hope you can share your time for non-violent protest and tell the list to your family purchasing manager (your wife or your mom) to know whether your family still use the products.

Denmark, Danish Produck List
- Lego, Lego, and Lego
- Arla Foods

- Novo Nordisk, Grunfos, Danisco, Danisco, Danisco

Action List:
- Bagaimana dengan Indonesia? No solidarity action from retailer and government?
- analis Danske Bank (bank milik pemerintah Denmark), Steen Bocian, menyatakan optimisme yang besar. ''Ekonomi Denmark cukup tegar untuk menahan boikot menyeluruh negara-negara muslim,'' kata dia
- solidaritas dari jaringan ritel dunia seperti Carrefour, misalnya, juga
menohok produk mereka. Lihat saja di Arab Saudi. Berbagai pasar swalayan utama Saudi bahkan jelas-jelas menempelkan plakat besar yang menyatakan tidak lagi menjual produk Denmark.
- Di Kuwait, boikot itu bahkan didukung penuh pemerintah. ''Kami menyatakan dukungan kepada supermarket yang tidak lagi menjual produk negara itu,'' bunyi pernyataan Kementerian Luar Negeri Kuwait. Jaringan ritel terbesar di negara itu, (UCS), sejak awal bahkan langsung menarik produk Denmark dari pajangan mereka. ''Sekitar 50 perusahaan sepakat menyetop impor barang dari Denmark,'' kata Presiden UCS, Mohammed al-Mutairi, saat diundang ke Parlemen.
- Ketua Parlemen Kuwait, Jassem al-Khorafi, meminta boikot ekonomi total. ''Itu akan menjadi pelajaran bagi mereka yang ingin mengulangi penghinaan di masa depan,'' kata dia. Sikap itu tentu akan memengaruhi perdagangan Kuwait-Denmark, yang setiap tahun mencatat angka sekitar 170 juta dolar AS, atau sekitar Rp 1,5 triliun.
I don't believe in violent protest, but
I do support non-violent acts such as boycotting,
nulis letter to the editor, menandatangani petisi dll.

Ini dia URL address dan daftarnya:

Arla Foods is Europe's second-largest dairy company
and the leading Danish exporter to Saudi Arabia, where it sells an estimated
328 million dollars worth of products every year
Denmark's Finest

Danish Crown (meat)
Lurmaerket Butter
Danish Bacon
Thor Fish
Danisco Food

Toms (chocolate)
Galle & Jessen
Ingeborgs Chocolate

Tuborg Beer
Carlsberg Beer
Aalborg Aquavit (snaps)
Danish Distillers


Audio Equipment/Home Theater
(Theatre for those across the Pond):
B&O (Bang & Olufsen)

Prince (Do not start smoking because of this fire!)

Per Reumert
Munthe plus Simonsen
Bruuns Bazaar
IC Companies
In Wear

Ecco (USA Site)

Brio (toys)
Lego (toys)

Danish Design:
B & G Porcelain
Georg Jensen
HTH- kitchen
Morsoe (Fireplaces)
Raadvad (knives etc.)
Royal Copenhagen
Royal Danish Porcelain
Skagen (Watches)
Trip Trap
Vesta (Windmills)

Danish Yarn
Nexo Fireplaces
Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaners (USA site since I do not speak
Watco Danish Furniture Oil

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SAP Upgrade Project Plan for ECC6, ECC7/NW7,BW7,SCM 7,Ehp5, EHp6

SAP Upgrade project Plan and some details :
  • Project Goals: maintenance and support lifetime, netweaver or core version consolidation, compliant with standard, 
  • Upgrade Type: Functional or Technical Upgrade
  • System/Product Scope: ECC (ERP), BW/BI, SRM, SCM, CRM, XI/PI, EP
  • Additional Scope of Upgrade: interfaces, other SAP product connected, non SAP product, SAPGUI upgrade, infrastructure (printer, network, hardware, OS Unix/Windows/Linux/AS400 etc, clustering, disaster recovery site, user frontend computer, user OS/Windows, MS Office), database upgrade, unicode conversion, EHP upgrade, Enhancemen/extension activation, Functional activation
  • Language Activation and Unicode Conversion: Unicode conversion can be combined with upgrade with CUUC CU & UC (combined upgrade and unicode conversion)
  • Enhancement Package: EHP4/EHP5/EHP6(?) for ECC 6.0, and EHP1/EHP2/EHP3(?) for Netweaver, etc
  • Code Freeze timeframe: soft code freeze is when development upgraded or project started, hard code freeze is when production soon to be upgraded
  • Upgrade path: production copy upgrade, development (realization phase), QA, and production. In dual maintenance strategy: development and QA are copied, then upgrade either the original or copied system
  • Upgrade Downtime : technical downtime and end business user downtime

  • Duration and upgrade timeframe: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc.
  • Go Live Date: date when Production is running under new release, ready for end business users; considering end business user closing or important business transaction, holiday, low end user workload, subject to management approval
  • Roles of Team: Project Manager (PM), Basis, ABAP, Functional for each modules (FI/CO, MM, HR, SD, PP, PM), Interfaces and non SAP application, Authorization, QA and Test Management, Training
  • Higher Roles in Project: consultant and user
  • Upgrade Methodology: ASAP for SAP Upgrade, Solution Manager (Solman) Upgrade Roadmap (SAP Upgrade Roadmap contains phases: Preparation, Blueprint, Realization, Final Preparation, Production Cutover and Go Live, Support), consultant own methodology, etc
  • Technical Upgrade optimization strategy: Resource minimized or downtime minimized
  • Risk and Mitigation: Risk list, impact and mitigation e.g. out dated SAPGUI can't access SAP, printing problem, performance issue, failure after go live, delayed go live date, interface failure, etc
  • Upgrade services: SAP upgrade analysis, Free Upgrade Analysis (this free stuff may take your sensitive data as their in-trade benefit in unknown network protocol and data transfer), standard SAP Golive check (Go-Live/GL Analysis, GL Optimization, GL verification, covered by SAP maintenance support), SAP downtime minimized service, SAP Upgrade Factory
  • SAP Upgrade Tools: upgrade prerequisite check, upgrade assistant, unicode preparation and conversion tools, migration tools (R3load export and import), ABAP tools, EHP installer
  • Cost estimation: upgrade service, hardware, OS, licenses, downtime cost, training, general operation

Sunday, February 10, 2008

SAP BW 3.5, BW 7.0, BW 7.3 features and implementation. BW 8?

notes: BW 7.0 is  SAP BW product, part of NetWeaver 2004s also called as netweaver 7. BW 3.5 is a part of SAP NetWeaver 2004. When you install the netweaver, you will have this BW installed as well, in most installation configuration this is without Business Content / BI_CONT ? BI_CON.
BPS (business planning simulation) is integrated in BW 7.0 which is significant addition, Strategic Enterprise Monitoring (management?) is not integrated.

BW 7.0 was released in 2006. There are some Ehp (enhancement package) released from SAP for this release. Ehp1 and Ehp2 are released for netweaver 7.0. New authorization concept is introduced, called as analysis authorization. In some intermediate release, it is also called as business intelligence v7/BI7, however the final release name was changed back again to business warehouse 7.0 (BW 7) since Business Object aka Business Intelligence was acquired by SAP.
in BW 7.3, business intelligence Xcelcius frontend, Business Object functionalities are readily added to the release.
In coming 5-10 years there may be SAP BW 8 as upgraded release.

End user components are BEx / Business Explorer (BEx Analyzer)Report Designer, BEx Query Designer, BEx Web Application Designer. BEx can use MS Excel add-ins (as VBA/VB application) as well as internet browser through Web Application Server of ABAP stack in BW server.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kumpulan Sekolah TK SIT SMP bilingual, dll

Sekolah lain SAP Training : tujuan gaji freelance konsultan SAP 150-300 USD / hari (Jakarta), 5000-12000 USD/bulan (Eropa, Timur Tengah). SAP Kekurangan 50 ribu konsultan.

Powerful methods for kid education, cara luar biasa dalam pendidikan anak: matematika, Aq-Qu'an, dll

Tentara Amerika Perkosa Gadis Irak dan bunuh keluarganya

UPTQ MAN Tanggeung Cianjur
SEKOLAH ISLAM TERPADU (SIT) DeBoTaBek: Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi
wikipedia: Sekolah Al Izhar , web sekolah : (AIPL) is a moderate Islamic K-12 school in Pondok Labu, South Jakarta, Indonesia. It consists of a kindergarten, primary school, junior secondary school and senior secondary school. It is a National Plus school and the language of instruction is Indonesian. The school's motto is Beriman, Mandiri, Kreatif, Cerdas or Pious, Independent, Creative, Intelligent - for the characteristics the school seeks to instill in its graduates.

a. Harapan Ibu

informasi dari

b. Sekolah Generasi Rabbani (

Lokasi : pada perumahan Vila Nusa Indah dan Bumi Mutiara- Desa Bojong Kulur- Kecamatan

Gunung Putri- Bogor. Lokasi persisnya 5 KM dari pintu tol JORR Jati Asih atau dapat juga

melalui arteri Cibubur sekitar 7 KM dari per-empatan Cikeas.

c. JIS / JISc / Jakarta Islamic School di Kalimalang
active learning, Arab & English

Main Campus: JISc Kodam

  • Jl. Manunggal 1 No.17 Komplek Kodam, Jakarta Timur
    Telp. 021 86612154
    Classes:Primary, Secondary & High School

Branch Campus:

  • JISc Curug

    Jl. Inspeksi No.1 Curug Kalimalang, Jakarta Timur
    Telp. 021 8647276 Fax: 021 86902604
    Classes:Nursery, Kindergarten & Primary (grade 1)
  • JISc Joglo

    Jl. Rudal V No.16 RT 01/06, Joglo, Jakarta Barat
    Telp: 021 5866229
    Classes:Nursery, Kindergarten & Primary
  • JISc Depok

    Jl. Pandawa I No.1 Griya Pandawa, Depok
    Telp: 021 7712828
    Classes:Nursery & Kindergarten
  • JIBBS Puncak

    Desa Suka Galih, Pasir Muncang Mega Mendung, Bogor
    Telp. 0251 8256801
d. Cibubur (tidak bilingual)

Sekolah Fajar Hidayah di Kota Wisata telp 849 32462 atau bisa dilihat diwebnya Fajar Hidayah

Al-Jannah di dekat perum Mahogany telp 845 94514 tentang sekolah ini bisa dilihat disini
Al-Azhar di dekat perum Legenda Wisata(Syifa Budi) telp 0811 993465.

e. Al-Azhar 1 Jakarta

SMA Islam Al-Azhar 1 merupakan sekolah unggulan. Selain itu, SMA Islam Al-Azhar 1 juga merupakan Sekolah Nasional Bertaraf Internasional (SNBI).

SMP Islam Al-Azhar 1, pendaftaran murid baru tahun ini dibedakan berdasarkan 3 program yang ada saat ini: program Akselerasi (unggulan), program Bilingual (Mipa berbahasa Inggris), dan program Reguler (biasa).

Pertama, karena SMP Islam Al-Azhar 1 pernah meraih peringkat I DKI untuk urusan Nilai Ujian Nasional (NUN) pada tahun 2005/2006. Kedua, sebagai Sekolah Umum Swasta Islam (SUSI) yang dalam persoalan pendidikan agama jauh lebih dari sekolah lainnya baik negeri mau pun swasta.

f. Aisiah / Aisyiah
di playgroup aishiah (Rawamangun) atau Mutiara Indonesia (Kayu Putih Selatan)

g. Medan
Pesantren Ar-Raudhatul Hasanah

h. Hijrah Singaporean Moslem International School di Kayu putih (

i. TK - SD Ar-Rahman Motik
Taman Kanak-Kanak dan Sekolah Dasar Ar-Rahman. Yayasan Motik, Jakarta.



TK Mini Pak Kasur Cikini V/2, Jak-Pus 338-179

Sekolah Islam Tugasku


Aisyah 2 Jl. Susilo 1 Rt013/03, Jak-Bar 563-397
Al-Azhar Jl. Kemandoran I/79, Jak-Bar 532-7437

Al-Azhar Jl. Kemandoran I/79, Jak-Bar 532-7437

Ghina Mulya Islamic School
Jl Kasuari Utama Kompl Bintaro Jaya Sktr IX Bl HB-1/11

Play Group Avicenna
Villa Pamulang Sktr I Bl AJ

1. Al-Muzzammil, Playgroup / Tk, Perum Graha Indah-Bekasi ph : 849 94346
2. Mutiara Indonesia cab. Bekasi (TK+SD) Jl. Cikunir Kampung Dua, Jaka Sampurna - Bekasi Selatan. Telp. 8867163
3. TK Al- Azhar Kemang Pratama, Pekayon Ph : 885 5758
4. TK Ar Rahman, Komplek Perum Graha Indah - Bekasi Ph : 849 70136

1. Mutiara Indonesia cab. Depok, Jl. Kartini no. 56A, Margonda Ujung Depok. Telp. 7762610
2. TKIT Az Zahra, Kompleks Perum Kemang Ifi Graha -Bekasi Ph : 821 4487

Sekolah Dasar Islam Fitrah Al-Fikri
Jl. Raden Saleh Raya Studio Alam TVRI, Sukmajaya Depok
Telp. 7782 6868, 7782 6688

Play Group Aba Al Ihsan
Jl Rasamala Raya 12-A Perum II RT 002/17

Play Group Al Azhar
Jl Puspita Loka Kompl BSD Sktr II/2

Play Group Al Hanief
Jl Mitra Duta Kav BA/3-4
BEKASI 17116

Play Group Khusnul Khatimah
Jl Utama Ujung 332 Kompl P & K RT 005/05

Taman Kanak-Kanak Alimadyah
Kp Tapos Tgh Gg H Supriyadi RT 010/04

Tk Al Ichwan
Jl Simpang Tiga RT 003/06
BEKASI 17510

Play Group Islam Cikal Harapan
Kompl BSD Sktr XII Bl B-9/1

Kelompok Bermain & TK Islam Bintang Ceria
Jl Terusan Sukamulya 19-A

Kids Garden Al Mabrur
Jl Bojong Soang 92

Play Group Salman Al Farisi
Jl Tubagus Ismail VIII

RA & MDA Ar Rahman
Jl Guruminda 1-C

TK & MDA Al Mushlih
Jl Babakan Sembung RT 002/12

TK A Ba Ta Tsa
Kompl Taman Sari Bukit Bandung Bl I-E/4

TK Aisiyah
Jl Andir Gg RI Winata 316

TK Aisyah
Jl Asep Berlian 32

TK Aisyiah 4
Jl Piit 8

TK Aisyiyah 5
Jl Dago Brt RT 008/05

k. BSD

* Aulady - BSD
Menurut cerita papanya si anak, cukup baik teknik pengajaran, kurikulum
dan lingkungannya (ada beberapa tenaga pengajar - bukan expat - yang memang
punya background ngambil fak. pendidikan di overseas). Cuma plan lokasi SD
dan TK nya nanti yang akan dipisah ... sekitar tahun 2007 nanti baru ada
gedung SD milik sendiri di daerah Ciater-Serpong. Anaknya baru mau masuk SD
tahun ini dan so far ortunya happy dengan perkembangan anaknya selama
bersekolah di sana.

* Raudah - BSD
Kurang lebih mirip dengan Auladi-BSD, tapi lokasi gedungnya sudah permanen
di BSD

* Nur-Fatahilah - daerah Buaran - Serpong
Milik yayasan Al-Hikmah, lokasinya agak jauh dari pemukiman BSD, tapi
cukup terkenal dan banyak warga BSD yang menyekolahkan anaknya di sana.

* TK/SD Al Azhar - BSD
Menurut cerita mamanya si anak, secara umum, cukup baik dan cukup
'eksklusif', sempat dia 'complain' waktu anaknya baru masuk KB (karena rasio
guru dan muridnya kurang ideal dan jenis permainan 'indoor' nya) ...
tapi itu sekitar beberapa tahun yang lalu, sekarang jauh lebih baik dong

* TK/SD Cikal Harapan - BSD
Menurut cerita papanya si anak, sama bagus dan 'eksklusif' nya dengan Al
Azhar, milik yayasan Mari'e Muhammad (cmiiw).... di area pemukiman BSD dan
dekat dengan 2 gedung sekolah lain (Stella Maris & -bakal- St. John
Catholic), jadi bisa dibayangkan kemacetannya di waktu-waktu tertentu ;)

* TK Mutiara Indonesia- TK umum
Ini punyanya kak seto. tempatnya lumayan luas, rumahan juga, mainannya
lumayan banyak, gurunya kelihatannya sudah senior, bisa langsung masuk, gak
usah pakai tes seperti di al-azhar dan cikal juga aulady.
tidak mengajarkan calistung, kelihatan muridnya tidak terlalu banyak,
santai dan banyak senang-senang disini, cocok buat yang anaknya perlu
perhatian khusus selama disekolah, karena gurunya sabar-sabar banget.
tetanggaku katanya anaknya trauma sekolah, nggak mau ngomong, begitu
sekolah disini jadi berani ngomong dan traumanya ketemu orang hilang.
kalau sekolah disini, ortu mesti ajari calistung supaya gampang masuk

* Diseberangnya Mutiara Indonesia juga ada TK tapi aku gak kesana,
rumahan juga,

* Ada satu TK lagi persis dipinggir jalan sebrang cordoza, gak
recommended, pernah nelpon dijutekin sama gurunya. langsung gak jadi
* TK Ar-rahman
Di masjid ar-rahman pasar modern BSD, belum sempat kesana, hanya tampak
luar aja, nempel di samping bangunan masjid Ar-rahman.

* TK pelangi - umum
Ini TKnya temenku, dia ingin anaknya masuk TK, padahal belum cukup umur,
disini bisa, letaknya di seberang masjid ar-rahman, agak masuk sedikit ke
dalam, disini anak 3 tahun boleh masuk TK A.
Gurunya senior, tidak ada antar jemput, jadi antar jemput diadakan oleh
orang tua murid. Gurunya perhatian ( kata temen saya loh )
Kegiatannya lumayan banyak, biasanya suka ngadain di MAL, fashion show,
lomba kartini, dll.

* TK az-zahra, agak ke pamulang, keluar dari BSD.
ini juga TKnya temenku yang di Nusa Loka, katanya metodenya bagus, aku
lihat sih pelajarannya lumayan berat untuk yang SDnya. Katanya agak mahal
juga. temenku ini angkatan pertama.


(daftar playgroup)

TK Mini Pak Kasur
Jl. H. Noor. Pasar Minggu

Mutiara Indonesia, Cabang Pejompongan
Jl. Tondano no. 12 Jak-Pus
Mutiara Indonesia
Jl. Cik Ditiro, Menteng, Jak-Pus
Mutiara Indonesia, cabang mangga besar
Jl. Mangga Besar VI/50 Jak-Pus, 11150

TK Ar Rahman
Belakang Hotel Regent, Jak-Pus

TK Mini Pak Kasur
Cikini V/2, Jak-Pus

Bina Keluarga Balita (menengah-bawah
Kelurahan Duren tiga, Pancoran, Jak-Sel

Mutiara Indonesia, Cab. Bintaro
Jl. RSC Veteran no. 20, Jak-Sel
Mutiara Indonesia, Cab. Cipete
Jl. Gaharu II/15, Jak-Sel
Mutiara Indonesia, Cab. Kalibata
Jl. Kalibata Tengah no. 5, Jak-Sel

Mutiara Indonesia, cab. Pondok Kelapa
jl. Kelapa Hijau Raya Blok M No. 8-9, Kompleks Billy & Moon, Jak-Tim
Mutiara Indonesia, cab. Pulomas
Jl. Kayu Putih Selatan Kav. IV D No. 58, Jak-Tim
Regency Playgroup, cab. Matraman
Jl. Slamet Riyadi 8A, Jaktim, 13150
Regency Playgroup. Cab. Cipinang
Jl. Cipinang Elok II, Cipinang Muara, Jaktim, 13420
Mutiara Indonesia, cab Sunter
Blok HA 5 no. 1, Sunter Agung Pogomoro, Jak-Ut
Regency Playgroup, cab. Tanjung Priok
Jl. Flamboyan 101/1, T. Priok, Jak-Ut, 13420
Regency Playgroup, cab Pluit
Jl. Pluit Barat VI no. 24, Penjaringan, Jak-Ut, 14450

utiara Indonesia
Jl. Srengseng Raya no. 17. Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat
Mutiara Indonesia, cab. Citra Garden
Perumahan Taman Surya II Blok B4 no. 1, Kalideres, Jak-Bar
Mutiara Indonesia
Jl. Kebon Raya no. 11 Duri Kepa, Jakarta Barat

Jl. Kemandoran I/79, Jak-Bar

Aisyah 2
Jl. Susilo 1 Rt013/03, Jak-Bar

SDIT Aulady: not bilingual

Pembelajaran menggunakan pendekatan active learning dengan pemantauan personal berasio ideal di dalam kelas yaitu 30 siswa oleh 2 orang guru.

Program unggulan : tahsin dan tahfidz Al Quran, class performance, out bond & kemah pandu, pengenalan profesi, fun cooking, Sanlat, manasik haji, PHBI & Nasional, pemutaran film serta parade hasil karya siswa.

Contact Person :
SDIT dan SMPIT Aulady
Ibu Endah – 021 75873425
TPQ & KB-TKIT Aulady
Ibu Ida – 021 5381935

Sekretariat Pusat
Jl. Oliander Blok N No. 1 Sektor 1.2 BSD – Tangerang
Telp/Fax : 021 538 1935
Email :

SDIT Ar Rahmaniyah:
SDIT Ar Rahmaniah Sukmajaya Depok 021 7783 3598 (not bilingual)

SAP BW 7.0/BI 7.0 new authorization

SAP has change the naming of BI to BW 7.0 while BI will be reserved for Business Object (BOBJ) . Authorization concept in BI 70 (SAP business intelligence, SAP business warehouse) has been changed dramatically, following are notes I collected from forum
  • New authorization concept: Authorization Analysis (which is active by default) note 820183, 955990, 923176
  • Therefore authorization checks are enforced for authorization object S_RS_AUTH and the only valid value to get past the check is 0BI_ALL (business intelligent all) which is the equivalent to saying "all of your authorization relevant objects" Not good if you have any, because users that were restricted will not be after giving this access. (After you implement your own security relevant objects with “authorization analysis, you will have other values to put in S_RS_AUTH but these will not exist at first, thus the need for the only valid value that will exist, 0BI_ALL)
  • BI 7.0 upgrade guide
  • If you really want to implement the new concept it will either have to be address as a team effort as part of the upgrade, or addressed later as a separate project. We opted for the later.
  • Solution use IMG setting in BI and turn off the authorization analysis concept and choose the "obsolete" authorization objects instead.
  • Even using the standard BW authorization objects and current security role implementation copied from your previous BW system, you will still encounter a new authorization object check on S_RS_MPRO for access to multiproviders. This mean you have to change many roles, depending on the number of Z* infocubes you are protecting etc.6) You cannot use both the authorization analysis concept (active by default) and your old BW authorization objects at the same time, thus the need to either redesign, reimplement all security roles, or turn off authorization analysis concept in IMG until addressed under a separate project after upgrade.

Resources related to SAP BW 7.0 and authorization is very general as following:

Training :
- SAPNW SAP NetWeaver - Overview: 3 days
- BW350 BI - Data Acquisition: 5 days
- BW370 BI - Integrated Planning: 5 days

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

sign of recession, very unstable US Dollar

US Dollar is very unstable, don't use or collect US Dollar with any cost for private and national economy security. In any cost, I think this is the time to start converting the currency, debts, saving, etc. to gold which is very stable along our world history.


-- The national debt in 2001: $5.7 trillion

-- The national debt in Jan. 2008: $9.2 trillion

[U.S. Dept. of the Treasury]

-- Monthly U.S. trade deficit in Oct. 2000: $33.8 billion

-- Monthly U.S. trade deficit in Oct. 2007: $57.8 billion

-- U.S. trade deficit in 2000: $380 billion

-- U.S. trade deficit in 2007: $759 billion

[U.S. Census Bureau, Dec. 12, 2007]

-- Value of one Euro in Jan. 2000: $1.01

-- Value of one Euro in Jan. 2008: $1.45

-- Loss of value of the Dollar relative to the Euro from Jan. 2000 to Jan. 2008: 45 percent

[Federal Reserve Statistical Release]

-- Value of an ounce of gold in 2000 (inflation adjusted): $319

-- Value of an ounce of gold in 2008: $892

[, Jan. 22 2008]

-- U.S. budget surplus in 2000: +$236 billion

-- U.S. budget deficit in 2007: -$354 billion" (3)

Upgrade in SAP

Belajar SAP lagi nich tapi bukan tutorial yach. Ada beberapa macem upgrade di lingkungan SAP

  • SAP Upgrade
  • SAP Kernel Upgrade
  • Delta Upgrade
  • Hardware upgrade
  • Operating System Upgrade
  • Database Upgrade

Hampir semua istilah di atas mungkin cukup familiar. Mungkin ada satu yang agak jarang terdengar yaitu Delta Upgrade. Kalau tidak salah, Delta Upgrade tidak berusaha menaikkan versi SAP sebagaimana di SAP Upgrade (misalnya ECC7 ke ECC8, ini upgrade SAP), kalau 4.6c maka delta upgrade tidak mengubah ini. Delta upgrade dijalankan oleh transaksi SPAM/SAINT yang intinya menggunakan SAINT dengan cara menginstall add-in baru yang menggantikan add-in lama (add-in atau add-on yang benerannya ??? tolong dibetulkan), proses instalasi inilah yg dinamakan delta upgrade yang menaikkan versi add-in itu sendiri misalnya dari versi 2006 ke 2007 tapi versi SAP masih tetep. Sementara untuk mem-patch dg menaikan patch level (misal dari versi 2007 level 1 menjadi 2) itu menggunakan transaksi SPAM, hal ini tidak dinamakan delta upgrade tapi patch saja.

Isi dari add-in itu sendiri adalah sekumpulan fungsi bisnis tertentu mungkin di sub modul tertentu, menurut hemat saya kumpulan ini satu level dengan IS (industry solution), sehingga dengan upgrade akan menambah kedigjayaan suatu sub modul di SAP, ini biasanya proyek kecil dan cendrung dianggap kerjaan support / maintenance. Adapun upgrade SAP (menaikkan versi) biasanya akan juga menambah sub modul2 dan feature baru, ini project lumayan buosar dan terstruktur tidak bikin deg2an kayak upgrade oracle untuk SAP.

Begitulah kira2.

salary standard, standar gaji

Standar gaji didasarkan pada
- skill dan pengalaman kerja
- tingkat kebutuhan kepada pegawai
- UMR (upah minimum regional)
- ijasah atau sertifikasi

Baru saja baca artikel bahwa untuk lulusan-baru S1 standarnya 2 kali UMR, sementara diploma 1,5 kali nya. Gaji yang berlipat-lipat bisa diperoleh apabila tingkat kebutuhan perusahaan sangat tinggi ditambah faktor pengalaman kerja. Adapun ijasah dan sertifikasi masih cendrung merupakan formalitas.

Informai lain dari,34422.0.html
Junior (0-3 thn) : 3-7 jt. (fresh tergantung ke policy perusahaan).
Consultant (3-5 thn) : 7-15 jt.
Senior consultant (lbh dari 5 tahun) : 15 ke atas. rata2 20 jt an. Kalo contract utk level ini 200 - 300 USD/day, jarang yg dapat sampai 400USD/day.

Malaysia (1 ringgit = 2700 rupiah)
Junior (0-3 thn) : 2K-5K . (fresh tergantung ke policy perusahaan dan posisi ini biasanya utk orang lokal).
Consultant (3-5 thn) : 5K-10 K.
Senior consultant (lbh dari 5 tahun) : 8K ke atas.
Contract biasanya sekitar 20K lebih perbulan utk level ini.

Singapore (1 sgd = 5500 rupiah)
Junior (0-3 thn) : 1K - 3K. (fresh tergantung ke policy perusahaan dan posisi ini biasanya utk orang lokal).
Consultant (3-5 thn) : 3K-5K.
Senior consultant (lbh dari 5 tahun) : 5K ke atas.
Contract biasanya sekitar 5K ke atas. Market di singapore kurang bagus karena banyak orang India disana.

Middle East (tergantung negaranya jugq, rate dalam USD)
Junior (0-3 thn) : jarang yg junior disini dan ikut standard salary perusahaan.
Consultant (3-5 thn) : permanen sekitar 3K - 6K
Senior Consultant (lbh dari 5 tahun): 5K - 8K. untuk contract mulai dari 400 USD/day sampai 1500 USD/day.

United Stated
Junior (0-3 thn): 4K - 6K. contract 50 USD/hour - 80 USD/hour.
Consultant (3 - 5 thn) : 5K - 8K. contract 80 USD/hour - 100 USD/hour.
Senior Consultant (lbh dari 5 thn) : lbh dari 6K. contract 100 USD/hour - 150 USD/hour.
Di US, karena ada ketergantung ke visa kerja makanya akan tergantung itu juga.

Link lain yang membahas gaji :

Jilbab Cantik

Tentu saja bukan cantik dalam arti fisik tapi yang penting cantik akhlak kepribadiannya. Berikut ini beberapa media atau buku yang membahas hal ini, mudah2an berguna bisa sebagai kado hadiah ataupun bacaan sendiri

Engkau Lebih Cantik Dengan Jilbab

Tampil Cantik ala Muslimah

Jilbab Wanita Muslimah - Menurut Al-Qur'an dan As-Sunnah

Saudariku, Apa yang Menghalangimu untuk Berjilbab Sesuai dengan Tuntunan Syar'i

Sunday, February 3, 2008

bantuan bencana, disaster aids

Indonesian disaster aids list. Organisasi yang berusaha membantu bencana:
- Portalinfaq
- Rumahzakat

Oct 2010: Wasior flood Papua, Tsunami Mentawai Pagai Sumatera, Merapi Volcano Eruption

Sep/30 Sep 2009: Indonesian Earthquake: Gempa Tasikmalaya, Padang Pariaman Sumbar (West Sumatra)
- Pariaman Sumatera: 7.6 Richter in 20 minutes with additional 6.8 Richter bigger than Yogya Earthquake which claimed more than 5000 lives, current death toll estimated 700 lives with thousand still trapped in the rubble more info, wiki

Feb 2007: Banjir Bandang Situbondo / Situbondo Floods

DDR - Dompet Duafa Repulika

BNI Syariah Cab fatmawati (Account no 807 00000 8888 009)
BCA Cab Pondok Indah (Account no 237 3006343)
Bank Mandiri Cab PondokIindah (Account no 101 008105063
- Republika Care for Merapi Economy Development with cooperation with Gadjah Mada University (UGM) donation to BRI Cab Pejaten 1182-010.00002.306 and Mandiri Bank Cab. Warung Buncit

ACT - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (Emergency Response, Care for Humanity)

audited by Syarif Basis & Rekan (member of Russel Bedford International)
member of MRI (Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia, indonesia Volunteer Society)

1. rescue
2. medic
3. relief
4. recovery
5. QURBANKU: Qurban(kurban) untuk korban bencana (+6221-7414482)


Kemanusiaan :

1. BCA - Bank Central Asia: Acc. No. 676 030 3133 (Swift Code: Cenaidja)

2. BSM - Bank Syariah Mandiri : Acc. No. 004 011 9999

3. Bank Mandiri : Acc. No. 128 000 4555 808

4. BMI - Bank Muamalat Indonesia : Acc. No. 304 0022 915

5. BNIS - Bank Negara Indonesia Syariah : Acc. No. 009 611 0239

6. BIIS - BII Syariah: Acc 270 2000 256

7. Permata Syariah: Acc 0971001224

SMS for Humanity Program: type "ACT DONASI" to 7505 (all mobile operators, Rp 5000/SMS aids) or to 7475 (Rp 2000/SMS aids). type "REG ACT" for updated information and humanity inspiration (Rp 1000/SMS).

Zakat :

Bank Syariah Mandiri : Acc. No. 101 000 9990

Bank Mandiri : Acc. No. 128 000 4793 136

Infaq/Sedekah :

Bank Central Asia : Acc. No. 676 030 0860

Bank Permata Syariah : Acc. No. 0971 001224

Perkantoran Ciputat Indah Permai
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 50
Blok B-8 Ciputat 15419
Telp. +62 21 741 4482
Fax. +62 21 742 0664
Email :

1. Economic recovery program: industri batu bata rakyat / micro industry (IBR), ketahanan pangan keluarga (KPK), usaha mikro produktif / micro and productive business (UMP), lumbung ternak masyarakat (LTM), air bersih masyarakat (ABM)
2. physical recovery program: pembangunan rumah tahan gempa cuma-cuma, pembangunan sarana ibadah, pasar, puskesmas
3. social recovery program: children care program (CCP), women recovery program (WAKALA), mental & spiritual recovery program

P2B (pos penanggulangan bencana)PKS Jakarta,
Bank Mandiri Cab. Warung Buncit : no rek. 127 00 11 11 11 17 (an PKS)
BCA Cab Jatinegara: no rek. 76 00 31 81 81 (an PKS P2B)

Jl. Kwitang Raya No 14, Jakarta Pusat.
Fax: 62-021-9248377,
Telp: 62-021-3906789

Bank Muamalat Indonesia cabang Kramat. No rek. 301.00523.15 a.n PKS Jakarta. atau BCA Kcp Kwitang 229 145 9261 a.n Sahrullah (staf bendahara pks jakarta)

DDR - Dompet Duafa Repulika

BNI Syariah Cab fatmawati (Account no 807 00000 8888 009)
BCA Cab Pondok Indah (Account no 237 3006343)
Bank Mandiri Cab PondokIindah (Account no 101 008105063
Mer-C Foundation

cp. :Herlyana Suryadi (Nana)
Jl. Mendut No. 15, Jakarta 10320
Ph : (021) 390-4310 ext. 128
Fax : (021) 3193-5235
Mobile : (+62) 811-151657
POSKO Badan Koordinasi Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana dan PelayananPengungsi (BAKORNAS PBP)

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 36
Jakarta Pusat
Telepon 3458400 ext. 218/219
Fax/tel 345 8500


Jl. Raya Condet No.27-G Batu Ampar
Jakarta Timur
Telp (021) 87780015
Fax. (021) 87780013
Rekening kemanusiaan PKPU antara lain :
BMI Sudirman No.301.00354.15
BSM Mampang No. 003.000.6216
BCA Soepomo No. 600.034.7777
BNI Tebet No. 11785917
Bank Mandiri Ps. Minggu No. 126.000.1005.114
Danamon Bintaro No. 41000002454
Bantuan barang :Sekretariat BSMI
Jl. Dewi Sartika no. 17 Cililitan - Jakarta Timur
Telp/Fax. 021 808 89 686

Bulan Sabit Merah

Bank Syariah Mandiri
Nomor 066 0000 885
Atas Nama Bulan Sabit Merah Indonesia
Dr. Prita, SPOG


Lembaga Amil Zakat Portalinfaq (Kantor Pusat)
Jl. Radio IV No. 8A Kebayoran Baru Jakarta 12130
Telp: (021) 7278-6073; (021) 925-3472
Fax: (021) 7278-6074

Mitra PortalInfaq Malaysia
Jl. 8/3 No. 87 Seksyen 8 Bandar Baru Bangi 43650 Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia

Perwakilan Inggris
23 Langdon Street Sheffield S11 8BH United Kingdom
Telp: 0845-200-2953
Fax: (0709) 216-3097

Perwakilan Aceh NAD
Jl. Kenari No. 84A, Kuta Blang, Lhokseumawe Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Contact Person: Abdurrahman Yusuf (0856-607-0105)

Perwakilan Nusa Tenggara Timur
Jl. Sultan Hasanuddin No. 24 Maumere Flores Nusa Tenggara Timur
Telp: (0382) 21962

Perwakilan Makassar
Jl. Bumi Tamalanrea Permai Blok L No. 7
Tamalanrea Makassar 90245
Telp: (0411) 575-9982

Pondok Yatim Baitussalam Portalinfaq Yogyakarta
Dusun Miri Rt. 027, Pendowoharjo, Sewon Bantul
Telp: (0274) 715-9146
CP: 0812-175-1450 (Ema, S.Pd); 0813-286-932-90 (Lana Kurnia, S.P)

Rekening Lembaga Amil Zakat Portalinfaq:

Bank BCA Cabang Arteri Pondok Indah
No. Rek : 291-307-0003 (Zakat dan Infaq Program Kesehatan)
a/n: Yayasan Portalinfaq

Bank BCA Cabang Arteri Pondok Indah
No. Rek : 291-300-5244 (Zakat dan Infaq)
a/n: Yayasan Portalinfaq

Bank Syariah Mandiri Cabang Warung Buncit
No. Rek : 003-006-7066 (Infaq)
a/n: Yayasan Portalinfaq

Bank Syariah Mandiri Cabang Warung Buncit
No. Rek : 003-003-5790 (Zakat)
a/n: Yayasan Portalinfaq

Bank Mandiri Cabang Kuningan
No. Rek : 124-000-107-9798 (Zakat dan Infaq)
a/n: Yayasan Portalinfaq

Bank IFI Syariah Cabang Kuningan
No. Rek : 070-201-1001 (Zakat dan Infaq)
a/n: Yayasan Portalinfaq

Bank Bukopin Syariah Cabang Blok M-Melawai
No. Rek : 880-0076-014 (Zakat dan Infaq serta Shadaqoh)
a/n: MS Tri Portalinfaq

Bank Bukopin Syariah Cabang Blok M-Melawai
No. Rek : 880-0179-018 (Zakat dan Infaq serta Shadaqoh)
a/n: Portalinfaq Baitul Maal Bukopin


Financial Report/Audit
Bank Account
Internet Banking Account
SMS Center: 0815 7300 1555
Bank Account:
  1. BCA

    094 301 6001

    a.n Yayasan Ummul Quro

  2. Bank Mandiri

    132000 481 974 5

    a.n Yayasan Rumah Zakat Indonesia

  3. Bank BNI Syariah


    a.n Dompet Sosial Ummul

  4. Bank Permata Syariah

    377 100 1555

    a.n Yayasan Rumah Zakat Indonesia

  5. Bank Niaga Syariah

    5200 100 131 005

    a.n Yayasan Rumah Zakat Indonesia

  6. Bank Syariah Mandiri

    125 00155 55

    a.n Yayasan Rumah Zakat Indonesia

  7. Bank Muamalat Indonesia

    101 00361 15

    a.n RZI QQ SBU Qurban