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Monday, February 28, 2011

SAP Ehnhancement Package / SAP EHP5 Installation and Activation (also Netwaver 7.0 EHP2 and ERP 6.0 EHP4)

considered as upgade from 6.00 to 6.04 (SAP EHP5 upgrade) also EHP1/2 for NW 7.0, ECC 6 installation is discussed in detail in other article.

EHP5 is available as General Available for customer after passing ramp-up session for ECC6 installation. SAP Note 1304648 : general information on upgrading to EHP5.

- Use SAPehpi tool to install the Enhancemen package, note 1302772 , version of LMT_001
- note 1298878 : generate XML stack file in solution manager, to download the EHP installation files
- link in SAP download center
--> Installations and Upgrades
--> Entry by Application Group
--> SAP Application Components
--> EHP5 FOR SAP ERP 6.0
--> Technical Documentation.

- Support Package Stack: SPS 1 or more

Solution manager is mandatory to generate software stack (in XML format), then approve the download, and download the softwares. Download them using SAP Download Manager

Detail of installation can be found at and

- Master Guide
- Technical Planning Guide
- How to install
- Installation Guide
- EHP Information Center
- Business Function Documentation

- EHP Installer
- Business Function Prediction
- Solution Manager

select the appropriate business function from EhP5 (related to SAP ERP 6 installation), and install the associated software component(s).


- long time in ACT_UPG: process seems hang and taking very long time, stuck in the phase. It may not problem, check with database activity and session
- ABAP object activation failed, try to activate manually in shadow system and correct the problem
-upgrade tool detect wrong system setting because of Oracle client, use a new Oracle Instant Client, released after March/2009 possibly may solve the problem

New Functionality/Business Function/Technical usage:
- reversible Business Function: undo a business function (whole client has to be deleted)
- new interface for HR Hire
- Talent, candidate selection process
- requisition maintenance in recruitment process
- Talent management, workforce deployment management, localizations, workforce process management
- employee interaction center (EIC), human capital management (HCM), enterprise compensation management (ECM)
- student lifecycle management (SLM)

- concept: innovation+stability
- how: install maintenance package regulary with selective activation
- area considered: Sales, Shared service center, procurement and logistic execution, quality management, sustainability EH&S compliance management, enterprise asset management, production planning and execution, human capital management, financials
- new maintenance strategy: 7 2 , 7 years of mainstream maintenance, and 2 years of extended maintenance
- SAP architecture evolution: from Industry solution to EHP, from enterprise extension set to framework (enterprise extensions and industry extensions)
- installation: selective, grouped by technical usages, using EHP installer, optimized tools delivered as in SAP Business Suites 7 in 2010
- tools available for: 32/64 bit, ABAP/Java/Dual stack, ERP 6.0 EHP4/EHP5, EHP1 of CRM/SCM/SRM, EHP1/EHP2 of Netweaver 7.0 (NW 7.01/7.02), EHP1 of PI 7.1, Support packages for ABAP
- Activation: explicit activation for each Business Function , only ABAP is switchable .. SAP_ABA/SAP_BASIS 702 ... SAP_HR 605, EA_HR 605, etc
- Switch Framework: to control activation of SAP objects, triggered by Business Function activation, in ERP 6.0
- Enhancement Framework: in NW 7.0, to allow adaptation of dev objects without touching them, BAdI integrated to it,
- BF Docs: Technical Usage and Business Package for each Business Function, prerequisites, additional BF to be activated, features that become available after activation
- each BF has BF technical name
- installation: 1. choose BF 2. map BF to TU 3. in solman select TU and download 4. install using EHP installer 5. Modification Adjustment 6. Regression test
- BF selection: 1. Broad Installation 2. Selectv Installation
- Switch Framework: SWF5
- Test: test cases template available as text documents in SAP web or in system after EHP installation, access from SWF5, can be transported to solman
- BPCA: in Solman, to identify which business processes affected by planned BF usage before activation
- new SAP service: EHP Planning for SAP ERP 6.0 (2 days onsite workshop)

- SAP Netweaver 7.3, ERP 6.0 EHP6 6.06 , NW 7.0 EHP3 7.03

- process activation for Baseline Package, Baseline packs, importing all scenario, installing scenario and building blocks
- tcode /smb/bbi solution builder : importing XML scope file (EPS/in), displaying implemented solution,
- baseline documentation used to verify, BP-INSTASS add-on
- Solution Builder, All-in-One, Best Practise
Solution Builder (BP-INSTASS 600V7): Note 1331714 
- SAINT: BP-ERP 604V5 & BP-SOLD 70V3; 603V8, BP-ERP05; Best Practices 1.604 (604); BP-SOLBLD 70V1; BP-INSTASS;BP-ERP 604V1, and BP-SOLBLD 70V1
 SAP ERP 6.00 EHP4 Ready SR1: not including EHP4
- Best practices v1.603 for  EHP3. For EHP4  there is no v1.604? (July 2011)

Transaction /SMB/BBI does not exist: add on not installed

In ERP-EHP link you can find Busines Function summary, Value Proposition of EHP 5 for following areas:
Cross Industry Enhancements
Industry Specific Enhancements
Human Capital Management
Shared Service Delivery
Production Planning and Execution / Quality Management
Product Development and Collaboration
Enterprise Asset Management
Operations: Cross Functions
Operations: Sales and Customer Service

1.Shared Service Center
2.1 Financial Analytics
2.2 Corporate Governance
2.3 Strategic Enterprise Management
2.4 Financial Supply Chain Management
2.5 Financial Accounting
2.6 Treasury
3.Human Capital Management
3.1 Workforce Analytics
3.2 Talent Management
3.3 Workforce Process Management
3.4 Workforce Deployment
3.5 Travel Management
3.6 Localizations
3.7 Cross HCM
5.Logistics Execution
6.Production Planning and Execution
7.Product Development and Collaboration
7.1 Product Development
7.2 Life-Cycle Data Management
8.Quality Management
9.Operations: Sales and Customer Service
10.EH&S Compliance Management
11.Enterprise Asset Management
11.1 Enterprise Asset Management
11.2 Real Estate Management

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ERP6 EHP5 EHP6 EHP7 release plan (Enhancement package)

ERP 6.0 / ECC6 EHP5 GA (General Available) to customer May 2011.

ERP6.0  EHP6 : ramp-up (to selected / limited customer) Nov 2011, GA May 2012, mainstream maintenence or standard maintenance  until Dec 2015, extended maintenance until Dec 2017(planned)

ERP 6 EHP7 : ramp-up (to selected / limited customer) may be Nov 2012, GA may be May 2013 (planned)

EHP installation / upgrade : using SAP EHPI tool