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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oracle Exadata Exalogic v.s. SAP HANA

Still with SAP HANA in-Memory database topics,  comparing to the competitor ,  Oracle Exadata Exalogic v.s. SAP HANA, there is interesting article "The Top 10 Reasons SAP HANA Is Disrupting Larry Ellison’s Grand Plans" from BobEvans blog 
with below points:

10) SAP HANA’s a business-technology platform, and Exadata’s a database 
9) SAP HANA offers more simplification, while Exadata offers more layers 
8 ) SAP HANA simplifies and reduces cost of architecture 
7) Exadata’s priority is cannibalization; SAP HANA’s is business insight 
6) SAP HANA’s new product leader brings customer perspectives 
5) SAP HANA leverages leading partners; Exadata leverages Oracle lock-in.
4) SAP HANA lets customers go beyond Big Data to Extreme Data. 
3) Customers are embracing SAP HANA’s focus on delivering new levels of business value.
2) Customers are wary of putting too much control in the hands of any one vendor.  
1) Traditional database technologies are simply not powerful enough for our brave new world of Extreme Real-Time Data

Other article regarding history, features, implementation: SAP HANA in-Memory database implementation 


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Monday, June 27, 2011

SAP HANA in memory database implementation

HANA stands for High performance ANalytic Appliance.
New technology roadmap for in memory technology  as mentioned in zdnet comes to enterprise.

SAP HANA vs Oracle Exadata Exalogic

I read SAP HANA list of application from, it will be a competitor for BW solution from  other vendor such as Oracle Exadata etc.

Oracle will definitely hostile force customer to their hardware platform such as Sun Solaris. while SAP solution are more independent to any hardware vendor. Oracle Exadata is also estimated million dollar price, while SAP HANA may be as low as 1/100 up to 1/10 of the Exadata.

other reference:
In-Memory Data Management: An Inflection Point for Enterprise Applications
Real-Time Access to Information: SAP In-Memory Computing

Replacement by HANA
Is HANA replacement for relational database? What support and maintenance for such database? what application that can use HANA, OLTP,BW,SCM,CRM? Is HANA same with BW/BI Accelerator? HANA appliance may be addition or plug in to existing traditional database which used for reporting and query purpose which 3600x faster transaction than traditional database query. HANA may also replace OLAP/BI/BW requirement for certain function. Is HANA also replacement for BI Business Object in future? BW will be still needed e.g. for financial consolidation .

Implementation time and phase: could be few weeks, e.g. 3 weeks

More Information

Availability: HANA is available for customer worldwide since July 2011 (general availability)

Support and Maintenance: open connection using saprouter from SAP Global support for service type SAP In-Memory database, standard support timeline information is still not found

- SAP acquired Transact In Memory company (founded by Mr Sang Cha) in 2005 , developing next-generation of in-memory OLTP engine
- HANA initially stands for Hasso's New Architecture (2008) then now it is High Performance Analytical Appliance
- SAP acquired Sybase database?
- HANA ramp up (available to selected customer) Nov 2010 with HANA 1.0
- HANA available to worldwide customer July 2011

- SAP Note 1514967 – SAP HANA 1.0: Central Note
- HANA collaboration workspace,, contain documents, discussions, and blog
- collection of HANA webinars or
- Innovation for Industries, covering in-memory, mobility, on-demand and analytics for each type of industries. I think it is possible with combination of ERP 6.0 EHP4 EHP5 and other existing or the latest release of SAP products. e.g. In-memory computing for

Aerospace and Defense
Consumer Products
Defense and Security
Engineering, Construction and Operations
High Tech
Higher Education and Research
Industrial Machinery and Components
Life Sciences
Media and Entertainment
Mill Products
Oil and Gas
Professional Services
Public Sector
Transportation and Logistics
Wholesale Distribution

Released version
- SAP HANA 1.0 (General Available May 2011) HANA 1.0 SPS2  (SAP HANA 1.0: SPS2 Release Note 1600147)
- SAP HANA 1.5 (ramp up planned in Q4 2011), HANA 2.0, (HANA 3.0?)
- SAP BW 7.3 ready for SAP HANA
- SAP Note 1513496: data from Oracle into SAP HANA 1.0 not supported until further notice
- Cloud based HANA: expected Q4/Q1 2012

  • SAP Partner for In Memory database:  Intel, Cisco, Delloite, Fujitsu, IBM, HP

  • SAP In-Memory Computing web from SAP.
  • Help portal from SAP
  • course/Training (classroom and virtual class)/hands on experience: TZHANA code in :  SAP - SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA 1.0) for selected partner until Q3 2011 for public (2 days 1400 usd) with following contents (from website)
    • The SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA) enables business departments to analyze business as it happens. Individuals can create very flexible analytic models based on real-time data originating from business applications. In order to cover for the full spectrum of information which might be relevant for business, data from other sources like SAP BW or 3rd party databases can also be brought in and mashed up.
    • Overview HANA product strategy
    • InMemory Computing (Row Store, Column Store, Persistency Layer, Architectural Concept)
    • HANA based Real-time Operational Analytics
    • HANA based Agile Data Marts for Rapid Prototyping with Analytic Models
    • New Modeling Paradigm in order to provide agility and flexibility from business question to report
    • InMemory Computing (Administration and Monitoring)

SAP In-Memory providse businesses to get instant access to their analytical data. How SAP In-Memory Computing is now different from other business intelligence (BI) or other analytic approaches, remarkable results which SAP was able to achieve. Video of SAP Runs Better With In-Memory Computing :

- basic concept: columnar database
- combine historycal keyfigures and trend indicators with current data sources to provide predictive analysis. Implant OLAP cubes and relational database in server RAM/memory.
- it is realtime business, information at a speed of light, based on the latest in-memory technology, data is not stored in physical disk, the future is IN-MEMORY; 
- real-time analytic for huge data records
- realtime replication from other application (OLTP/SAP ECC/ERP, CRM, BW/BI etc), may be based on Sybase Replication technology
- SQL database language compatible, SQL interface for multi dimensional query interface for third party application (SAP and non-SAP), MDX interface, and BICS interface (for SAP BI client)
- certified interface: ODBO, ODBC, JDBC, SQLDBC , SAP BI 4.0, documented SQL/MDX (SAP Note 1577128), customer developed application (not certified) will be not supported
- HANA is attached to SAP or non-SAP application as side-by-side appliance (e.g with SAP R/3 4.6, SAP R3 Enterprise 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0, BW, CRM etc), may be considered as accelerator for datawarehouse, e.g. BW Accelerator for BW. Also may be as engine for Business Object Explorer Accelerated.
-APPLIANCE means it is a complete box of software, hardware, configuration and everything in one box just plugged in to the network and then attached to application services; in SAP case: push entire CRM system to HANA of 3TB, 650K opportunities, 12 million records, 700hundred million logs over 6 year historical data, which all available in realtime, 2 hours data latency, 
- Hard drive harddisk storage: are history, considered as archives, for persistence object only (views), transactional data

-benefit in business scenario, forecast, planning, application availability for mobile devices; plug in HANA appliance to application (e.g. CRM, BW)  without disruption and downtime
Module: Opportunity Management, CRM

- mobile device to access SAP and HANA realtime in-memory computing in future: Winpad, Epad, Ipad, Iphone, smartphone, Windows mobile phone and devices, Android mobile phone and devices

Testimonial Video from Customers 

Customer experience video can be found here: BASF, Bosch, Siemens, Centrica, Hilti, Infosys, Lenovo, etc 

Roadmap : Planned for 2011

SAP announce a roadmap for upcoming in-memory application in SAP Run Better tour (information from

  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • : This application will enable sales and marketing departments to collaborate with operations and finance in order to evaluate the impact of their strategies and make accurate predictions.
  • Intelligent Payment Broker
  • : This application will calculate financing options on open invoices and will help determine which discounting terms should be offered on which invoices.
  • Smart Meter Analytics
  • : The software for intelligent electricity meters: With this application utility companies can analyze smart meter readings to forecast demand and develop new products.
  • SAP Trade Promotion Management Application
  • improves the planning process and helps develop accurate strategies for particular customers.
  • SAP Cash and Liquidity Management Application
  • allows companies to predict inbound and outbound cash flows and risk management.

- run 10,000 queries per hour against 1,3TB of data , result within few seconds under SAP and IBM test result. Using IBM x3850 X5 server contains 32 cores, 0.5 terabytes of memory, and a RAID 5 disk system
- query a 100GB in-memory database in just seconds (based on a speed of 2MB/ms per CPU core)
- : "a pile of CRM data that takes up 2.5TB on a conventional hard drive occupies only 600GB when arranged in SAP HANA’s column-wise structure. Under ideal conditions, the compression rate can reach a factor of 10"

Hardware list for HANA
- FUJITSU PRIMERGY: from 128GB to 1TB main memory , t-shirt sizing available
- IBM system for HANA
- Blade servers from some hardware vendors for HANA

Fujitsu, HP, and IBM offering blade servers with 2TB of RAMTo enable customers to take advantage of the fully in-memory database technology offered by SAP HANA, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM have introduced blade servers equipped with Intel processors and chipsets.
These new blade servers sport motherboards based on the Intel Westmere-EX platform, which supports DIMM memory chips of up to 32GB each. The ability to install up to 64 of these modules puts the maximum memory of one server at 2TB; as far as business processes are concerned, most of the databases today’s companies maintain are no larger than 500GB. In addition to this generous RAM capacity, the blades can contain as many as 64 CPU cores (with Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology) – enough for most computing operations.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

SAP SRM 7.0 implementation

As SAP Enterprise software, SAP has one product dedicated for supplier and procurement management. SAP SRM Implementation example was SRM (supplier relationship management) PPS 7.0 in PT Timah went live with 4.5 months of project in June 2011. Implementation partner is PT Abyor International. PT Timah will be the first customer in Indonesia implementing SAP SRM 7.0  for the procurement function. Expected benefit are better response of bidding information, better communication with vendor, more effeciency in procurement process, etc.,20110613-340434,id.html

SRM Books:
Consultant's Guide to SAP SRM
Enhancing Supplier Relationship Management Using SAP SRM
SAP SRM Advanced EBP Cookbook
SAP Certified Application Associate - Supplier Relationship Management with SAP SRM 5.0
SAP SRM Extended Classic Cookbook
SAP SRM Interview Questions Answers And Explanations
Practical Workflow for SAP
SAP SRM: Evaluierung der Nutzenpotentiale bei einer Integration mit SAP ERP (German Edition)
SAP SRM Advanced CCM Cookbook: Requisite Catalog and SAP CCM Configuration and Management
Efficient E-Procurement with SAP
201 Interview Questions - SAP Supplier Relationship Management
Roles: SRM Consultant, SAP Portal Programmer and Administrator

SAP SRM Project Plan can refer to Solution Documentation (roadmap) in solution manager, starting from preparation and blueprint and ended with golive and support.

sub module: Centralized Contract Management, Catalogue Management, Procure to Pay, Centralized sourcing,  RFx - 2 envelope bidding,  Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Collaboration,

SAP SRM Training to support the implementation is following:
download courses summary from,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

download SAP HANA material from SAP

to support SAP HANA implementation, based on SAP HANA 1.0 SPS 2 June 2011
SAP HANA 1.0 download location: Download using s user for partner with following note:
"Note that the server components of SAP HANA and of the SAP In-Memory Database can only be initially installed by certified hardware partners on validated hardware running a specific operating system. Any other system or content developed with such systems is not supported by SAP. Support Package Stacks (SPS) can be downloaded and applied to appliances according to agreements with the respective hardware partner. SAP In-Memory Database studio and clients need to be installed outside of the SAP HANA box and can be downloaded and installed by SAP customers for this purpose."
Server Installation software, client installation, SAP In-Memory database 1.0 Studio installation

SAP HANA 1.0: Sizing Note 1514966 Contact hardware partner or SAP consultant for SAP HANA sizing .
SAP HANA 1.0: SPS2 Release Note 1600147 new SAP HANA features in SAP HANA 1.0 SPS2.

Release Notes (What's New)
SAP HANA 1.0: SPS2 Release Note 1600147 Information about new SAP HANA features supported with SAP HANA 1.0 SPS2
System Administration
SAP HANA Technical Operations Manual
Central entry point for maintaining, monitoring and administering a running SAP HANA landscape.

SAP In-Memory Database Administration Guide
How to administrate the SAP In-Memory Database running at the heart of SAP HANA.

SAP HANA Modeling Guide
How to create information models based on ERP data that can be used for analytical purposes.

SAP In-Memory Database Backup and Recovery Guide
How to implement backup and recovery features for the SAP In-Memory Database.

SAP In-Memory Database Scaleout with Standby Host
How to ensure high operational availability of the SAP In-Memory Database.


Use the following guides to enable security for SAP HANA, the SAP In-Memory Database and the software components needed for enabling the different replication technologies. 

SAP HANA Overall Security Guide

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Administrator’s Guide
  • - chapter "Security"
  • - chapter "User Rights and management"

SAP HANA Security Guide - Log-Based Replication (SYBASE) 

Installation, Configuration, Upgrade
SAP HANA Installation & Implementation Documentation CenterFind everything you need to plan, install and update SAP HANA. 
SAP HANA 1.0 Master GuideCentral entry point for planning, installation and initial configuration of SAP HANA. 
SAP HANA Installation Guides For installing SAP HANA, the SAP In-Memory Database and the data replication technologies.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Information Platform Services 4.0
  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services XI 4.0
  • - chapter "Installing Log-Based Replication"

SAP HANA 1.0 Manual Update GuideHow to manually update SAP HANA and its components. 
SAP HANA 1.0 Automated Update GuideHow to update SAP HANA and its components with the Software Update Manager (SUM). 

SAP In-Memory Database 1.0 - SQL Script GuideSQL Script as extensions to SQL can push down data intensive application logic into the SAP In-Memory Database. 

End User Information
The following SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) end user clients can be used for analyzing data that has been computed by SAP HANA. 
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.0 Online Help 
Web Intelligence

For more information about SAP BusinessObjects BI Clients and End User Guides, see: SAP Help Portal - SAP BusinessObjects -Overview - BI Solutions - SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) 

Supplementary Information

SAP Product Availability MatrixInformation about SAP HANA supported software and hardware platforms (search for "HANA"). 
SAP HANA 1.0: Central Note - 1514967Check this SAP Note for the latest updates and newest information. 
SAP HANA 1.0: Sizing Note 1514966Contact your responsible SAP HANA hardware partner or SAP consultant for sizing SAP HANA. 
Software Download Center on SAP Service Marketplace* (Search for "HANA") Note that the components of SAP HANA and of the SAP In-Memory Database can only be installed by certified hardware partners on validated hardware running a specific operating system. Any other system or content developed with such systems is not supported by SAP. For further information please refer to the information page of the product version. Support Package Stacks (SPS) can be downloaded and applied to appliances according to agreements with the respective hardware partner. 
SAP In-Memory Business Data Management page on SDN Find additional information about SAP HANA like Blogs, Demos, HowTo Guides, Best Practices and collaborate about the new in-memory computing technology. 

information source is

Monday, February 28, 2011

SAP Ehnhancement Package / SAP EHP5 Installation and Activation (also Netwaver 7.0 EHP2 and ERP 6.0 EHP4)

considered as upgade from 6.00 to 6.04 (SAP EHP5 upgrade) also EHP1/2 for NW 7.0, ECC 6 installation is discussed in detail in other article.

EHP5 is available as General Available for customer after passing ramp-up session for ECC6 installation. SAP Note 1304648 : general information on upgrading to EHP5.

- Use SAPehpi tool to install the Enhancemen package, note 1302772 , version of LMT_001
- note 1298878 : generate XML stack file in solution manager, to download the EHP installation files
- link in SAP download center
--> Installations and Upgrades
--> Entry by Application Group
--> SAP Application Components
--> EHP5 FOR SAP ERP 6.0
--> Technical Documentation.

- Support Package Stack: SPS 1 or more

Solution manager is mandatory to generate software stack (in XML format), then approve the download, and download the softwares. Download them using SAP Download Manager

Detail of installation can be found at and

- Master Guide
- Technical Planning Guide
- How to install
- Installation Guide
- EHP Information Center
- Business Function Documentation

- EHP Installer
- Business Function Prediction
- Solution Manager

select the appropriate business function from EhP5 (related to SAP ERP 6 installation), and install the associated software component(s).


- long time in ACT_UPG: process seems hang and taking very long time, stuck in the phase. It may not problem, check with database activity and session
- ABAP object activation failed, try to activate manually in shadow system and correct the problem
-upgrade tool detect wrong system setting because of Oracle client, use a new Oracle Instant Client, released after March/2009 possibly may solve the problem

New Functionality/Business Function/Technical usage:
- reversible Business Function: undo a business function (whole client has to be deleted)
- new interface for HR Hire
- Talent, candidate selection process
- requisition maintenance in recruitment process
- Talent management, workforce deployment management, localizations, workforce process management
- employee interaction center (EIC), human capital management (HCM), enterprise compensation management (ECM)
- student lifecycle management (SLM)

- concept: innovation+stability
- how: install maintenance package regulary with selective activation
- area considered: Sales, Shared service center, procurement and logistic execution, quality management, sustainability EH&S compliance management, enterprise asset management, production planning and execution, human capital management, financials
- new maintenance strategy: 7 2 , 7 years of mainstream maintenance, and 2 years of extended maintenance
- SAP architecture evolution: from Industry solution to EHP, from enterprise extension set to framework (enterprise extensions and industry extensions)
- installation: selective, grouped by technical usages, using EHP installer, optimized tools delivered as in SAP Business Suites 7 in 2010
- tools available for: 32/64 bit, ABAP/Java/Dual stack, ERP 6.0 EHP4/EHP5, EHP1 of CRM/SCM/SRM, EHP1/EHP2 of Netweaver 7.0 (NW 7.01/7.02), EHP1 of PI 7.1, Support packages for ABAP
- Activation: explicit activation for each Business Function , only ABAP is switchable .. SAP_ABA/SAP_BASIS 702 ... SAP_HR 605, EA_HR 605, etc
- Switch Framework: to control activation of SAP objects, triggered by Business Function activation, in ERP 6.0
- Enhancement Framework: in NW 7.0, to allow adaptation of dev objects without touching them, BAdI integrated to it,
- BF Docs: Technical Usage and Business Package for each Business Function, prerequisites, additional BF to be activated, features that become available after activation
- each BF has BF technical name
- installation: 1. choose BF 2. map BF to TU 3. in solman select TU and download 4. install using EHP installer 5. Modification Adjustment 6. Regression test
- BF selection: 1. Broad Installation 2. Selectv Installation
- Switch Framework: SWF5
- Test: test cases template available as text documents in SAP web or in system after EHP installation, access from SWF5, can be transported to solman
- BPCA: in Solman, to identify which business processes affected by planned BF usage before activation
- new SAP service: EHP Planning for SAP ERP 6.0 (2 days onsite workshop)

- SAP Netweaver 7.3, ERP 6.0 EHP6 6.06 , NW 7.0 EHP3 7.03

- process activation for Baseline Package, Baseline packs, importing all scenario, installing scenario and building blocks
- tcode /smb/bbi solution builder : importing XML scope file (EPS/in), displaying implemented solution,
- baseline documentation used to verify, BP-INSTASS add-on
- Solution Builder, All-in-One, Best Practise
Solution Builder (BP-INSTASS 600V7): Note 1331714 
- SAINT: BP-ERP 604V5 & BP-SOLD 70V3; 603V8, BP-ERP05; Best Practices 1.604 (604); BP-SOLBLD 70V1; BP-INSTASS;BP-ERP 604V1, and BP-SOLBLD 70V1
 SAP ERP 6.00 EHP4 Ready SR1: not including EHP4
- Best practices v1.603 for  EHP3. For EHP4  there is no v1.604? (July 2011)

Transaction /SMB/BBI does not exist: add on not installed

In ERP-EHP link you can find Busines Function summary, Value Proposition of EHP 5 for following areas:
Cross Industry Enhancements
Industry Specific Enhancements
Human Capital Management
Shared Service Delivery
Production Planning and Execution / Quality Management
Product Development and Collaboration
Enterprise Asset Management
Operations: Cross Functions
Operations: Sales and Customer Service

1.Shared Service Center
2.1 Financial Analytics
2.2 Corporate Governance
2.3 Strategic Enterprise Management
2.4 Financial Supply Chain Management
2.5 Financial Accounting
2.6 Treasury
3.Human Capital Management
3.1 Workforce Analytics
3.2 Talent Management
3.3 Workforce Process Management
3.4 Workforce Deployment
3.5 Travel Management
3.6 Localizations
3.7 Cross HCM
5.Logistics Execution
6.Production Planning and Execution
7.Product Development and Collaboration
7.1 Product Development
7.2 Life-Cycle Data Management
8.Quality Management
9.Operations: Sales and Customer Service
10.EH&S Compliance Management
11.Enterprise Asset Management
11.1 Enterprise Asset Management
11.2 Real Estate Management