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Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to Install SAP ECC 6

The complete reference for installation is included in following documents:
  • master guides
  • Planning and Preparation guides
  • installation guides
  • media guides
All the documents above can be found at
Some issues related to installation
  • generating solution manager key (solman key) : run SMSY tcode in Solman system
  • the package of installation: IDES ECC6 installation, basic installation of ECC6
  • legal SAP license key
  • database installation and operating system update requirements
  • dual stack (ABAP and Java engine) installation: no more dual stack in new release
  • Unicode: new installation will be always unicode based
  • Enhancement Package, EHP installation (EHP4/EHP5): which business function and technical usage will be installed and activated, run business function prediction from SAP if you have reference system (esp in Upgrade)

ECC 6.0 / ERP 6.0 Download including EHP1/EHP2 of Netweaver and EHP4/EHP5
  • the software can be downloaded from
  • the complete package can be defined through solution manager Maintenance Optimizer function (MOPZ), list of software will be generated from the function
  • to approve the software you need to login to solution manager
  • to access the download site use s/s000 user such as s00012345 password sappass001
  • to download the software, use download basket or SAP download manager with capability of resuming the download
to be continued TBC

others: SAP ECC6, SAP ECC5, ECC7, ECC8, ECC9


Anonymous said...

hi..i´m a sap consultant, and i´m part of a team who is going to make an upgrade from SAP 4.6 to SAP 6.0, however i´m not a partner or a customer..and i have no access to this website.
Can you send me the files to mi mail please?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

This is fifty percent entertaining. But then once more I'm very high right now

Anonymous said...

Could be the BEST blog that I read all month!


Anonymous said...

this is stupid download link.don't go this is site.