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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oracle Exadata Exalogic v.s. SAP HANA

Still with SAP HANA in-Memory database topics,  comparing to the competitor ,  Oracle Exadata Exalogic v.s. SAP HANA, there is interesting article "The Top 10 Reasons SAP HANA Is Disrupting Larry Ellison’s Grand Plans" from BobEvans blog 
with below points:

10) SAP HANA’s a business-technology platform, and Exadata’s a database 
9) SAP HANA offers more simplification, while Exadata offers more layers 
8 ) SAP HANA simplifies and reduces cost of architecture 
7) Exadata’s priority is cannibalization; SAP HANA’s is business insight 
6) SAP HANA’s new product leader brings customer perspectives 
5) SAP HANA leverages leading partners; Exadata leverages Oracle lock-in.
4) SAP HANA lets customers go beyond Big Data to Extreme Data. 
3) Customers are embracing SAP HANA’s focus on delivering new levels of business value.
2) Customers are wary of putting too much control in the hands of any one vendor.  
1) Traditional database technologies are simply not powerful enough for our brave new world of Extreme Real-Time Data

Other article regarding history, features, implementation: SAP HANA in-Memory database implementation 



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