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Monday, August 13, 2007

Depok: interesting place to visit and infrastructure

Depok is located just south of Jakarta

Shopping Mall:

  • ITC / ITC Depok
  • Plaza Depok
  • MargoCity
  • Depok Town Square / Detos
  • Depok Mall / Mal Depok
  • DTC / Depok Town Center
  • Tiptop
  • Cimanggis Mall
  • Cinere Mall

Highway road

  • Pangeran Antasari-Citayam-Bojonggede
  • Cinere-Cimanggis-Jagorawi

Internet Connection

  • personal package: unlimited mobile internet, volume/time based package
  • internet cafe (warnet stands for “warung internet”) 24 hoursx7days


  • Hotel Bumi Wiyata
    DEPOK -Jl. Margonda Raya, PO Box 1045 Depok 16423, Indonesia
    +62217778040/ +62217775610 email: (from
  • Wisma Makara

Transport from and to Jakarta:

  • Taxi, public bus
  • from and to airport: DAMRI bus (fare15000 IDR / 1.2 EUR)
  • Busway feeder : not yet available

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