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Saturday, November 3, 2007

error with dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X

Old - This MESSAGE_TYPE_X short dump is mostly caused by unstable processing in Frontend / SAPGUI or in its installation. The common solution for this problem is first restart the computer, then if problem still persists to use another stable SAPGUI version with uninstalling the existing and installing another version.

However this error is generic error not only caused by SAPGUI unstability / GUI issue. If it happened to only few tcode such as known issue in Finance 1365712 - Generating FI programs during posting after importing SP.

In BW the error mostly caused by inconsistency of data definition from design/configuration level transferred to ABAP object/code/dictionary level.

The stable version doesn't mean the latest version but certain patches level. Most of the time the certain patches level is also the latest one. So try first to use the latest GUI version such as SAPGUI 7.10 patches level 2.

Sometimes applying the only patches doesn't work, we need to uninstall the SAP GUI completely then install another. In very rare situation, the server kernel need to be patched to higher patch level.

We also need to consider the maintenance period of our SAPGUI, we can start seeing this from (Product Availability Matrix)

So bye bye MESSAGE_TYPE_X ....

notes: ftp to the software is also available as following

Other case can be happened with similar symptom when
- using new SAPGUI version without additional patches,
- after SAP upgrade, SAP kernel upgrade,
- wrong combination of software component (e.g. SAPGUI, MS Office, .Net, etc),
- wrong connection data for Service/System/Communication users (language, unicode, etc),
after system copy but landscape data still not match or conflicting,
- failure of data conversion in ABAP code level,
- inconsistency in infocube (corrected using tcode RSRV button "Correct Error"),
- when accessing infopackage after changing transfer rules or communication structures (fixed with deleting flag for specific datasource note 852443 table RSSDLINIT field initstate),
- opening or creating package in BW (solved with note 852443 and 405943), 
- data transfer without init/initialization.

How to check more: run ST22 tcode, SM21, check SAPGUI version from SAPGUI logon pad, checking kernel level from SM51 Release Info (or menu Status)

old material is here.

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