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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Download SAP software while sharing connection

I am downloading SAP software using unlimited GPRS connection from Centrin XL, however the bandwith is quite slow but i can still share the connection and open around 5 browser.

In Jakarta and remote area such as Bogor and Sukabumi, this Centrin XL internet connection is quite stable and even faster with bandwith limitation up to 64Kbps (kilo bit not kilo byte). My download using SAP Download manager which connect to (SAP software repositories), this SAP download manager has capability of resuming broken download. In case of antivirus download, I can download around 10-15MB of antivirus update successfully without such download manager and taking around 1 hour.

I also share my GPRS internet connection using Wifi without UTP network cable with following step
- laptop A has unlimited internet connection using GPRS Centrin XL, will share its internet connection into B
- turn off firewall software first
- one time configuration in my wireless network adapter in laptop A: IP configuration , IP address = subnet mask = gateway = empty
- one time configuration in my wireless network adapter in laptop B: IP configuration is automatic
- turn on WiFi in laptop A
- one time configuration in laptop A: create Ad Hoc network NET (device to device) in WiFi with WEP-64 bit personal security and key is abcde
- in laptop A, connect to Wifi network NET
- turn on Wifi in laptop B
- open Wifi manager in laptop B, search Wifi network, add / join / connect to network NET. Laptop B will have IP address automatically
- test from laptop B: ping , this command should have reply not time out.
- run your internet browser (firefox, internet explorer) from laptop B

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