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Friday, December 21, 2007

Complicated and Troublesome Fussion

I heard Oracle has tried to combine all apps in forms of ERP, BI, etc they have bought into only one platform coded Oracle Fusion or Fussion. I really dont know in detail about this, but in my opinion ... Wow that will be great if Oracle could make Fussion happening. unfortunately this will be only dream for some extent due to complex and unclear blueprint, realization, and support approach at least in my opinion. Is the way to go a migration, upgrade, reimplementation, or complex combination of them?

However combining Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Oracle ERP (Oracle E-Business Suite), etc which each has different core technology and different project approach for business process for different industry sector is super duper complicated task especially when the release plan is not clearly defined and scheduled for customers. If Oracle think only technology inside them, it is probably still possible to combine them, when considering business process, transaction, and data that customers own, Oracle will play hard with customers.

To release the Fussion in even 2010 is like to deliver a premature Fussion baby. In my opinion it is still looooong way for Oracle to get same of stability level with business-stability of Netweaver platform from SAP. This will be interesting when Fussion is first released, however let's expect only interface-collection runtime inside the baby. Oracle is enough to take part in maintaining nice database.

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