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Saturday, December 1, 2007

SSL in Portal

change to more friendly URL in Enterprise Portal
keystep are following from Visual Administrator / J2EE admin:
- Cluster ->Dispatcher ->services->HTTP Provider
- Cluster->server->services->HTTP provider
to change port to 80 or 81 (HTTPS/SSL) and remove /irj/portal in the URL

Ports in using SSL
see for reference
Key points:
- xx as in JCxx is java instance number
- yy as in SCSyy as central instance number (central service)
- in Web AS Java server: HTTP/HTTPS 5xx00/5xx01, java dispatcher or message server is 81yy (not xx)
- in Web AS ABAP server: HTTP and HTTPS is defined in RZ10 instance profile
- for more about double stack server (ABAP+Java), visit the reference

free bonus: Keywords for SSO in Portal using Active Directory
- keytab file, import certificate, principal name
- Active Directory Service / ADS, KDC / Kerberos Domain Controller
- a. KDC b. J2EE etc. c. frontend and web browser

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