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Monday, March 17, 2008

Not ordinary teen: brave teen, teens against the World U.K. Teen Converts to Islam and upsets her parents

This video shows a teen with braveness of woman when find truth, strong teen in her family (her parent) and society to live with. She proves stronger than her society and environment and spreading peace rather than US-like wars. It must be very hard for her as Islam in media tends as brutal image, bloody, extremist, any bad images you name all bad thing from media. But the truth is not the media, so lets forget the media first.

Converting to Islam is so easy just say Syahadah / Sahadat sentence but really hard because of tension you have to hold. Nowadays Internet is easier media to guide anyone.
Imagine when you were saying "Mom I'm a Muslim!" to your parents and maybe change your name to better name. You will surrender your whole love and everything to God and probably becoming more and more happy because no burden at all, just walking naturally at your best and God will provide all you need.

Although Islam has demoted with many hatred stuffs like Danish's Prophet cartoon, Magdi Allam's zionism terror, Salman Rusdi's Satanic Verses book (but Muslim can make better more peaceful book and best seller book of Love Verses, Ayat Ayat Cinta), Islam still grow more than hatred and war.

Other young children converting to Islam: young children convert to islam pt1 American teen reverted to Islam A very little boy converted to Islam in Global Peace & Unity American teen reverted to Islam U.K. Teen Converts to Islam and upsets her parents Islam growth is faster than world population growth

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