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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

is SAP Upgrade good job opportunity for new ABAP programmer?

SAP customer will find newer and newer version of ECC 6.0 Ecc7 ecc8 and so on, while older version may out from SAP maintenance terms. To maintain support from SAP, we need to perform upgrade to supported level of SAP version.

Consider following
- dictionary changes for higher version (new tables, change of fields, new structure, new objects)
- new component in new release such as
  • integrated ITS (starting from R/3 Enterprise)
  • additional standard plug in for R/3 such as SAP_BW (starting from ECC 5.0)
-GUI changes: for example debugger and SE38 editor will also has new face in ECC5 version, for functional transaction there will be BDC changes because of screen changes in new version
- based on functional or business process test, we will find more objects to fix because of upgrade process

Does SAP upgrade need certification or certified consultant to do it? not needed. I think a fresh graduate with 1 month ABAP extensive training and 6 months self study of ABAP can handle this upgrade. But because of tight upgrade schedule, this would not be good job opportunity for upgrade freshgrad

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Anonymous said...

we used Panaya to 'automate' the upgrade, it is working great for developemnt, and our QA. But when it goes to production, there are a lot of problem not found we stucked for almost two weeks without prod. Anyone has same experience with us?