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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SAP Upgrade Project Plan for ECC6, ECC7/NW7,BW7,SCM 7,Ehp5, EHp6

SAP Upgrade project Plan and some details :
  • Project Goals: maintenance and support lifetime, netweaver or core version consolidation, compliant with standard, 
  • Upgrade Type: Functional or Technical Upgrade
  • System/Product Scope: ECC (ERP), BW/BI, SRM, SCM, CRM, XI/PI, EP
  • Additional Scope of Upgrade: interfaces, other SAP product connected, non SAP product, SAPGUI upgrade, infrastructure (printer, network, hardware, OS Unix/Windows/Linux/AS400 etc, clustering, disaster recovery site, user frontend computer, user OS/Windows, MS Office), database upgrade, unicode conversion, EHP upgrade, Enhancemen/extension activation, Functional activation
  • Language Activation and Unicode Conversion: Unicode conversion can be combined with upgrade with CUUC CU & UC (combined upgrade and unicode conversion)
  • Enhancement Package: EHP4/EHP5/EHP6(?) for ECC 6.0, and EHP1/EHP2/EHP3(?) for Netweaver, etc
  • Code Freeze timeframe: soft code freeze is when development upgraded or project started, hard code freeze is when production soon to be upgraded
  • Upgrade path: production copy upgrade, development (realization phase), QA, and production. In dual maintenance strategy: development and QA are copied, then upgrade either the original or copied system
  • Upgrade Downtime : technical downtime and end business user downtime

  • Duration and upgrade timeframe: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc.
  • Go Live Date: date when Production is running under new release, ready for end business users; considering end business user closing or important business transaction, holiday, low end user workload, subject to management approval
  • Roles of Team: Project Manager (PM), Basis, ABAP, Functional for each modules (FI/CO, MM, HR, SD, PP, PM), Interfaces and non SAP application, Authorization, QA and Test Management, Training
  • Higher Roles in Project: consultant and user
  • Upgrade Methodology: ASAP for SAP Upgrade, Solution Manager (Solman) Upgrade Roadmap (SAP Upgrade Roadmap contains phases: Preparation, Blueprint, Realization, Final Preparation, Production Cutover and Go Live, Support), consultant own methodology, etc
  • Technical Upgrade optimization strategy: Resource minimized or downtime minimized
  • Risk and Mitigation: Risk list, impact and mitigation e.g. out dated SAPGUI can't access SAP, printing problem, performance issue, failure after go live, delayed go live date, interface failure, etc
  • Upgrade services: SAP upgrade analysis, Free Upgrade Analysis (this free stuff may take your sensitive data as their in-trade benefit in unknown network protocol and data transfer), standard SAP Golive check (Go-Live/GL Analysis, GL Optimization, GL verification, covered by SAP maintenance support), SAP downtime minimized service, SAP Upgrade Factory
  • SAP Upgrade Tools: upgrade prerequisite check, upgrade assistant, unicode preparation and conversion tools, migration tools (R3load export and import), ABAP tools, EHP installer
  • Cost estimation: upgrade service, hardware, OS, licenses, downtime cost, training, general operation

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