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Sunday, February 10, 2008

SAP BW 3.5, BW 7.0, BW 7.3 features and implementation. BW 8?

notes: BW 7.0 is  SAP BW product, part of NetWeaver 2004s also called as netweaver 7. BW 3.5 is a part of SAP NetWeaver 2004. When you install the netweaver, you will have this BW installed as well, in most installation configuration this is without Business Content / BI_CONT ? BI_CON.
BPS (business planning simulation) is integrated in BW 7.0 which is significant addition, Strategic Enterprise Monitoring (management?) is not integrated.

BW 7.0 was released in 2006. There are some Ehp (enhancement package) released from SAP for this release. Ehp1 and Ehp2 are released for netweaver 7.0. New authorization concept is introduced, called as analysis authorization. In some intermediate release, it is also called as business intelligence v7/BI7, however the final release name was changed back again to business warehouse 7.0 (BW 7) since Business Object aka Business Intelligence was acquired by SAP.
in BW 7.3, business intelligence Xcelcius frontend, Business Object functionalities are readily added to the release.
In coming 5-10 years there may be SAP BW 8 as upgraded release.

End user components are BEx / Business Explorer (BEx Analyzer)Report Designer, BEx Query Designer, BEx Web Application Designer. BEx can use MS Excel add-ins (as VBA/VB application) as well as internet browser through Web Application Server of ABAP stack in BW server.

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