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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SAP career is better than Oracle career?

This might be not true. But i notice there are many consultant coming from other ERP background migrated to SAP (including from Oracle), also the customer bases, i meant Oracle customers migrated to SAP. But I cant recall any of my colleagues or consultant I know which migrate to Oracle from SAP.

There are some news regarding SAP customer going to Oracle ERP, but it seems marketing news and only one or two cases which is blown up to media. In same time SAP customer is also sometimes an Oracle customer as well, the company uses SAP for its ERP but use Oracle as their database server (RDBMS).

SAP career will be very difficult to find if you are not lucky comparing to Oracle career, so there is good positive rewards for people who can find the difficult jobs.

Better consulting career in SAP or Oracle? you may answer better now.

How to find this difficult job much more easier? I will try to write later about it.

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john bill said...

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