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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Business Intelligence Wizard from Indonesia

SAP implementation in Indonesia seems in quite low growth at this period. However there is energy after i read an article regarding the holder of the contributor highest point in Top Contributor List 2006 (worldwide SAP community) apparently he is from Indonesia. He is Edwin Harpino . As consultant we can take this spirit to contribute more in SAP worldwide contribution, projects, and community.

He collected more than 20 thousand point in less than one year in 2006. This score was more than twice comparing to highest point people earned in 2005 (by Thomas Jung). People in the forum will give 6 points if the answer in the forum thread is very helpful and 10 points if really it solves problem discussed. So Edwin Harpino can provide around 2000 problem solving or at average 167 per month productively. His expertise is in Business Intelligence or Business Warehouse development (BI/BW) and some people call him BI Wizard for his achievement.

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