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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Iraq fighting spirit beating Saudi in Asian Cup Final

Irak won 1-0 beating Saudi in 2007 Asian Cup soccer final event. This shown how Irak fighting spirit has been working from first day of American occupation in Irak. Younis Mahoud, the goal scorer, instead telling about soccer, said for the world “I want America going out. Leaving out today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, just go out! I want America people not invading Irak and hope this will end soon” said the skipper. Younnis was also selected as best player in the tournament as I quoted from

However his hope seems just dream. In recent news, American will pour the region with billions of new weaponry to create next phase of war business through strategic selling of weaponry to Saudi and other Arab countries as well as to Israel. America pushes Saudi to buy 20 billion usd of military arms from America using Saudi’s oil money. They also pushes other Arab countries to make such deal for long term.

From this selling, America will fund military aids as of 30 billion USD for Israel. In return, it will also accelerate and secure American oil projects in Irak as the main target of the invasion.

Younis Mahmoud scored the only goal in 71st-minute. This is the first time champion for Irak in the event. The event took place at Gelora Bung Karno stadium, Jakarta.

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