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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Exhibition Jakarta July 2007: Building, Ceramics, Crafts and Culture

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See also event at JCC (Jakarta Convention Center)

15th International Motor Show 19-28 July 2007 at JCC (Jakarta Convention Center), see this for details

Held at JCC (Jakarta Convention Center) 11-15 July 2007.

exhibiton on building material, services, technology and industry , see here for detail (

exhibition on ceramics industry and technology

Jakarta Fair, until 14 June - 15July 2007: or PRJ2007 (Pekan Raya Jakarta) with more than 2 million visitor and 1500booth; ticket Rp 20000 (smart card ticketing); public transport: busway, other buses; see info is taken from :

Hall A, Hall B, Hall C, Hall D, Hall E, Gambir Expo, Open Space, Gedung Pusat Niaga
Arena PRJ Kemayoran Jakarta 10620
+62 21 2664 5000/131,
F 6570 0010

Hall A : furniture, craft non garment, building material, interior and furniture accessories.

Hall B and Hall C: government and public sector.

Hall D : electronics, telecommunication, computers, Home Appliance, Water Filter, cosmetics, Sport entertainment hall.
Hall E : product from small and medium enterprise companies.

Open space: street art performance, band festival, traditional food and delicacy, Surya Institute with Mad Science program, music concert and performance.

exhibition on Cultural Heritage & Craft for the world 11-15 July, see following message from :

Welcome to The Season of
Indonesian Cultural Heritage & Craft 2007

Indonesian extensive diversity of cultural heritage and craft products have long been admired, appreciated and studied by world communities. For gaining more comprehensive information as well as procuring them as private collection or business investment, you are cordially invited to : The Season of Indonesian Cultural Heritage & Craft 2007
Jakarta Convention Center, 11 – 15 July 2007

Under the theme “Diversity of Indonesian Cultural Heritage & Craft for the World“, The Season of Indonesian Cultural Heritage & Craft 2007 is designed to be attractive, innovative, communicative and educative, by highlighting the inherited vast variety of Indonesian culture, produced by creative and skillful Indonesian art workers.

exhibition “MIDDLE EAST FAIR 2007″

Business, Cultural, Tourism, and Investment
Iran, Maroko, Tunisia, Aljazair countries, Saudi Arabia
Semanggi Expo Hall B SCBD-Jakarta
11-15 July 2007 (10.00-20.00)
Program: Exhibition and Business Forum and Seminar, Cultural Performance

Organizer: KADIN DKI, Jakarta Investment Board

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