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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

notebook battery life for 6 hours

I think if we need a quite long battery life and still cheap solution, don’t go for dual core or even core 2 duo processor, see,39001749,39133705,00.htm

from,39050489,39073841p-0,00.htm :

The TravelMate no doubt impressed due to its exceptional battery life. Using MobileMark 2002, a rating of 364 minutes was attained which is comparable with the HP nx5000 which holds one of the highest ratings for mainstream notebooks.

Performance-wise, the 4001LMi clocked a performance rating of 163. This compares favorably with other mainstreams with a 1.5GHz processor such as the NEC Versa E2000 with a score of 148 and is almost on par with the HP nx5000’s score of 161.

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