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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lets Say big NO to Singapore DCA

DCA is Defence Agreement between Indonesia and Singapore. This agreement is in return of Extradition Agreement (Extradition Treaty/ET) for Indonesian criminal which put most of their assets in Singapore because Singapore currently legalize them and considering nothing about money laundering from other countries. With this agreement, Singapore has approved the existence of such illegal assets from Indonesian criminal in Singapore beside their illegal assets in Indonesia.

Most of Indonesian think that the criminal should be pursued without any economic or other agreement or exchange in return. However in the DCA agreement Indonesian should provide their region opened for Singapore military ‘training’. Indonesia should pay such cost for this law enforcement effort of Singaporean. Law enforcement for the criminal in Singapore absolutely not free, the bad thing is this way is not different with Indonesian law enforcement, many thing is about money. Indonesian government should be very careful with such agreement since Singapore is likely US satellite and proxy in south east asia region (it is all right for US that the country less democracy).

Without this payment in return from Indonesia to Singapore, Singapore has no willing and cooperation to let the criminal going in justice, Singapore even will keep the pocket stay with them if we don’t sign the payment with DCA agreement. I suggest to say NO to this DCA agreement since there is no benefit only prolong such payment practice for law enforcement. No money , no law ler (no law lah).

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