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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Encryption in Al-Qur-an?

As we know Al-Quran has its own mechanism to amazingly keep its contents unchanged (even a letter change) for centuries such as thousand of people can remember the whole Quran without reading it from book.
Encryption topic i found at this site is quite interesting. They said there is parity check in Koran (Al-Quran). As the forum discussed, the AlQuran (Al-Qur'an) has some internal mechanism using prime number to consistently make it unchanged, whenever changes happen it probably warns people to check the validity.
Below is encryption schema in Al Qur'an with its prime number, we should understand that it can't be used to directly validate the noble book because Alquran is already undoubtfuly validated. This rather to find out how beautiful the noble book is created by Allah.

Above translation: AlQuran consists of 30Juzz (section), 114 Surat (title), and 6236 Surah (verses). composite number, homogenous number, prime number, jumlah (sum), bilangan (number).

There is also probablity to use them in super string theory . Interesting topic also found regarding the verses containing only certain arabic letters such as discussed at

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Ali Adams said...

Salam all,

Al-hamdu liAllah Rabb al-3alemeen infinitely.

Please see for more Quran and Prime Numbers.

"Al Quran" is "The Readable" despite being encrypted at five levels:

1. chapter
2. chapter again
3. 10 chapters
4. the whole book
5. 29 chapters with initial letters

Book = Key + Message

The Key is surat Al-Fatiha with prime verses (7), words (29) and letters (139).

The Message is the prime 113 remaining chapters and prime 6229 verses. The verses per chapter seems to point to the abundance ratios of the 113 chemical elelemnts in nature.

Allah knows all.

Ali Adams
God > infinity