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Friday, April 18, 2008

List of Transaction codes (SAPP)

OSS1 - SAP Online Service System
OY19 - Compare Tables
SA38 - Execute a program.
SCAT - Computer Aided Test Tool
SCU0 - Compare Tables
SE01 - Old Transport & Corrections screen
SE03 - Groups together most of the tools that you need for doing transports. In total, more than 20 tools can be reached from this one transaction
SE09 - Workbench Organizer
SE10 - New Transport & Correction screen
SE11 - Dictionary
SE12 - Dictionary: Initial Screen – enter object name
SE13 - Access tables in ABAP/4 Dictionary.
SE14 - ABAP/4 Dictionary: Database Utility.
SE14 - Utilities for Dictionary Tables
SE17 - General Table Display
SE30 - ABAP/4 Runtime Analysis
SE30 - Run Time Analysis (press Tips and Tricks button for good stuff)
SE30 - ABAP/4 Runtime Analysis: Initial Screen.
SE32 - ABAP/4 Text Element Maintenance
SE35 - ABAP/4 Dialog Modules
SE36 - ABAP/4: Logical Databases
SE37 - ABAP/4 Function Library.
SE37 - ABAP/4 Function Modules
SE38 - ABAP/4 Editor.
SE38 - ABAP Editor
SE38 - ABAP/4 Program Development
SE39 - Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare (Interesting tool to compare the programs of different system)
SE41 - Menu Painter
SE43 - Maintain Area Menu
SE51 - Screen Painter
SE51 - Screen Painter: Initial Screen.
SE54 - Generate View Maintenance Module
SE61 - R/3 Documentation
SE62 - Industry utilities
SE63 - Translate Short/Long Text.
SE63 - Translation
SE64 - Terminology
SE65 - R/3 documents. Short text statistics SE66 R/3 Documentation Statistics (Test!)
SE68 - Translation Administration
SE71 - SAPscript layout set
SE71 - SAPscript Layouts Create/Change
SE72 - SAPscript styles
SE73 - SAPscript font maintenance (revised)
SE74 - SAPscript format conversion
SE75 - SAPscript Settings
SE76 - SAPscript Translation Layout Sets
SE77 - SAPscript Translation Styles
SE80 - ABAP/4 Development Workbench
SE80 - Repository Browser: Initial Screen.
SE81 - SAP Application Hierarchy
SE82 - Customer Application Hierarchy
SE84 - ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE85 - ABAP/4 Dictionary Information System
SE86 - ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE92 - Maintain system log messages
SE93 - Maintain Transaction Codes
SE93 - Maintain Transaction.
S001 - ABAP Development Workbench
S002 - System Administration.
SM13 - Update monitor. Will show update tasks status. Very useful to determine why an update failed.
SEARCH_SAP_MENU - From the SAP Easy Access screen, type it in the command field and you will be able to search the standard SAP menu for transaction codes / keywords. It will return the nodes to follow for you
SEU - Object Browser
SHD0 - Transaction variant maintenance
SM04 - Overview of Users (cancel/delete sessions)
SM12 - Lock table entries (unlock locked tables)
SM21 - View the system log, very useful when you get a short dump. Provides much more info than short dump
SM30 - Maintain Table Views. (from
SM31 - Table Maintenance
SM32 - Table maintenance
SM35 - View Batch Input Sessions
SM37 - View background jobs
SM50 - Process Overview
SM51 - Delete jobs from system (BDC)
SM62 - Display/Maintain events in SAP, also use function BP_EVENT_RAISESMEN Display the menu path to get to a transaction
SMOD/CMOD - Transactions for processing/editing/activating new customer enhancements
SNRO - Object browser for number range maintenance.
SPRO - Start SAP IMG (Implementation Guide)
SQ00 - ABAP/4 Query: Start Queries
SQ01 - ABAP/4 Query: Maintain Queries
SQ02 - ABAP/4 Query: Maintain Funct. Areas
SQ03 - ABAP/4 Query: Maintain User Groups
SQ07 - ABAP/4 Query: Language Comparison
ST01 - Trace
ST05 - Trace SQL Database Requests
ST22 - ABAP Dump analysis
SU53 - Display Authorization Values for User.
WEDI - EDI Menu. IDOC and EDI base.
WE02 - Display an IDOC

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