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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

solving RTCCTOOL problem

Today I got problem when trying running RTCCTOOL report using SE38 or SA38. This report is required to run for certain SAP live check such as SAP Going Live Check which is part of SAP maintenance service customer makes payment for. This can be caused by RFC configuration problem. Once the configuration is correct, displayed with OK code or green color status for every items, then next step is run transaction code OSS1 . However the tcode also can be run before the RTCCTOOLS report.

Some changes (RFC connection to SAP support servers) will be made at transaction SM59 automatically by the report. Run SM59 to display the RFC connection made.

Some ide how to find or to solve if the rtcc tool problem happening:
- test connection at SM59, test SAPOSS connection
- run OSS1, 'Parameters>Technical settings', see SAP notes 33135
- review SAProuter permission table file (accest list file), notes 30289
- test connection to SAP servers in case there is blocking from firewall or proxy, usually using telnet to SAP server and certain port
- ping service is often blocked, so we often cant use this to test
- make sure the preparation, planning, and requirement is fulfilled in the report/program
- also check hosts and services file whether already contain certain service name required by the RFC connection at operating system level (Windows, Unix) by the ABAP server

Error message, example:

trc file: "dev_lg", trc level: 1, release: "640" *** ERROR => NiProcMsg: rc=-93 (NIEROUT_INTERN) from router [nibuf.c 423] *** ERROR => MsIAttachEx: NiBufConnect to /H/ failed (rc=NIEROUT_INTE *** ERROR => LgIAttach: MsAttach (rc=NIEROUT_INTERN) [lgxx.c 2997] *** ERROR => LgApplSrvInfo: LgIAttach(rc=LGEMSLAYER) [lgxx.c 695] ***************************************************************************** * * LOCATION SAProuter 37.11 on * ERROR timeout occured * * TIME * RELEASE 640 * COMPONENT NI (network interface) * VERSION 37 * RC -93 * COUNTER 6

Error opening an RFC connection. RFC ping failed / Communication failure

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