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Monday, April 21, 2008

SAP Ramp-Up


Rampup is SAP standardized process to introduce SAP product to market.
This process is dedicated ramp up program which available for all SAP products.
This will enable company to be a first mover in its industry sector.

Benefit of Ramp-up :
  • project scoping (comparing product scope with customer expectation),
  • coaching (expedited channel support, involving of product development and management for more complex issues),
  • and knowledge transfer (from SAP high skilled consultant).
However the customer should be ready with this high gear movement with some consequences. To be the first customer using certain products sometimes takes a certain cost. You also can take a look for this advise Don’t Do a Ramp-Up Project .
However the benefits of this ram up process should be considered for company.

To consider this, go through success stories and success profiles of following customers

Summary from this link:

Read how this conglomerate, comprising 52 companies in five distinct business groups, gained insight into spend -- enabling managers to negotiate better deals with suppliers, reduce transactional costs, and experience bottom-line savings -- by deploying mySAP SRM. Rollout was achieved in nine months via the SAP Ramp-Up program.

Alfa (291 KB)
Bank of Ireland
Discover how Bank of Ireland chose the SAP Bank Analyzer set of applications to address regulatory compliance issues surrounding Basel II. In doing so, they became the first bank to go live with the latest release of the SAP Basel II for Banking package.

Bank of Ireland (185 KB)
Carl Zeiss Optronics
Learn how this provider of optoelectronic sensor technology used key SAP NetWeaver components and SAP Consulting services to transition to the mySAP ERP application. With mySAP ERP, the company now has a future-proof foundation for integrating new processes while maintaining high levels of performance.

Carl Zeiss Optronics (230 KB)
Consensus International
Consider how the SAP Ramp-Up program helped Consensus International, a reseller for the SAP Business One application, gain a real competitive edge in its market. The software helped the firm get the business up and running quickly, fulfill all functionality requirements, and gain a 3-month head start going to market.

Consensus International (153 KB)
Department of Water Resources - State of California
Find out how the State of California's Department of Water Resources uses SAP for Public Sector solutions and the SAP ERP application to meet its unique accounting and reporting requirements.

Department of Water Resources - State of California (299 KB)
Fraport AG
Explore how Fraport defined an efficient process for performing and administering maintenance orders for fire shutters in 420 buildings of Frankfurt Airport using the SAP Mobile Asset Management composite application and mobile devices equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) equipment.

Fraport AG (2 MB)
Freudenberg IT
Discover how this German IT provider Freudenberg leveraged the SAP Ramp-Up program to standardize its customer relationship management functionality -- and eliminated the need to maintain more costly business warehouse software. The firm completed the project within a moderate budget.

Freudenberg IT (237 KB)
Freudenberg IT
Learn why this €50 million international, full-service IT provider chose SAP Consulting services to help support its ramp-up project for implementing sales solutions from SAP to harmonize customer processes throughout its global operations.

Freudenberg IT (211 KB)
Gemeinsames Gebietsrechenzentrum Münster
Learn how SAP Records Management is helping the North Rhine-Westphalian social welfare administration to make the paperless office a reality – enabling it to optimize the creation and retrieval of records, improve constituent services, and comply with records management legislation.

Gemeinsames Gebietsrechenzentrum Münster (249 KB)
IDS Scheer
Examine how this international provider of high-quality business process management solutions used sofware from SAP to improve business by enabling its employees to record working hours and travel costs while on the move. Scheer achieved early, rapid deployement by participating in the SAP Ramp-Up program.

IDS Scheer (139 KB)

IVG Immobilien
Read how one of Europe's leading real estate companies implemented the SAP Real Estate Management application to better serve its international focus -- and simultaneously optimize its business processes to meet both current and future requirements. The company achieved quick implementation via the SAP Ramp-Up program.

IVG Immobilien (257 KB)
Examine how Lyondell enlisted the aid of the SAP Active Global Support organization and SAP Consulting services to perform a highly successful technical upgrade for faster problem resolution. The company resumed shipping product within an hour after bringing up the new system and remained within budget.

Lyondell (254 KB)
Read how Medline implemented mySAP CRM to enable its sales force to access the most current sales and customer-related information -- enhancing customer service and dramatically reducing customer credits. Partnership with SAP Consulting and participation in SAP Ramp-Up resulted in quick implementation and rapid rollout.

Medline (61 KB)
Learn how Internet grocery company implemented the latest version of the SAP Business One application, delivered through the SAP Ramp-Up program, to move its inventory management and fulfillment operations in house and improve business process integration.

MexGrocer (246 KB)
Nedbank Group
Read why Nedbank Corporate Property Finance division chose the SAP Ramp-Up program when it upgraded to the SAP ERP application. The implementation was completed on time and under budget and led to better management reporting and enhanced employee productivity by way of a simpler interface and faster processes.

Nedbank Group (191 KB)
Northwest Pipe Company
Learn how, with help from SAP Consulting services, Northwest Pipe Company upgraded from its older SAP system to the newest version of the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application -- one of the biggest version leaps ever undertaken by an SAP client. The project came in on time and under budget.

Northwest Pipe Company (162 KB)
See why Sandvik focuses on credit management tactically and strategically. SAP Consulting helped the high-tech engineering group use the SAP Credit Management application to reduce bad debt risk by up to 50%, improve collaboration of its sales and credit departments, and reduce working capital needs -- while shortening response times.

Sandvik (167 KB)
Explore how Spaipa, a distributor of Coca-Cola products in South America, is the first Brazilian company to deploy the sales and distribution capabilities of mySAP Business Suite. Spaipa drew on services from SAP Consulting and SAP Education. SAP Project Management provided strong leadership -- completing the project on time and on budget.

Investigate how Statoil, the Norwegian oil and gas giant, upgraded to the latest version of the SAP ERP application to provide global, standard HR functions throughout its operations in 33 countries. The SAP Ramp-Up organization supported this move that strengthened Statoil's global position in the industry.

Statoil (204 KB)
See how this French food transportation and warehousing firm improved cash flow and management of dispute resolution in real time by implementing the SAP ERP Financials solution, including the SAP Collections Management and SAP Dispute Management applications.


Texas State University
Learn why large universities, such as Texas State University, face the problem of replacing aging systems with a new IT environment – and providing information with speed and transparency. Texas State gained HR-related and enrollment- growth process efficiencies with the SAP for Higher Education & Research solution portfolio.

Texas State University (172 KB)
University of Leeds
Learn how this top research university in the U.K. implemented SAP Grants Management to improve efficiencies, enhance research competitiveness, and better comply with government costing requirements and sponsor-requested reporting formats. The university achieved a faster implementation thanks to the SAP Ramp-Up program.

University of Leeds (118 KB)
See how this Danish skylight and roof window manufacturer uses SAP NetWeaver components to shine more light on its worldwide operations. Standardized shared information, best practices, increased efficiency via simple access to reports, and more transparency has resulted in greater customer satisfaction.

VELUX (203 KB)
Yara Industrial
Consider how SAP Ramp-Up assured this international manufacturer of industrial gases and chemicals a quick, compressed implementation of mySAP CRM. With early availability of the SAP solution, Yara achieved payback and business value well ahead of its competitors.

Yara Industrial (US-Letter) (118 KB)

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