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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

SAP challenges in Public Sector

Summary from SAP helps Houston with a problem regarding an SAP implementation project case:

  • legacy system: mainframe based by vendor of AMS (American Management Systems) no longer supported
  • system considered: SAP, Oracle, AMS
  • volume: 24 city departments, serving 2 million population, 22000 employees, 200 SAP users trained, city infrastructure (public works, engineering departments, aviation departement managing 3 airports, public building, convention centers, large police and fire department)
  • ERP module: finance, human resources and payroll functions
  • reason choosing MySAP ERP: cost and functionality,
  • implemenatation key success: good project governance and management structure that oversaw planning, implementation and training. Strong working relationships , teamworks, new bond accross departments
  • phase one: MM FICO materials management and financial processes, including procurement and vendor payments affecting almost all Houston's department
  • mySAP ERP environment: AMD processors, with a Windows operating system and Microsoft SQL databases
  • milestone: 30000th vendor payment in 3 months
  • timeline: May 2005 began, July 2006 phase one went live

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