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Thursday, May 1, 2008

SOA - Service-Oriented Architecture

Enterprise SOA (ESOA) is SAP blueprint of SOA for its customer, partner, and other SAP ecosystem

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- productized, harmonized
- reuse, reusability, flexible, flexibility, standard, standarized way to consume, loosely coupled, reuse, granular, modular, component, interoperable
- process part, process components, business objects (BO), global data type (GDT), service interface, service operation, process governance, well-defined interface,
- Business Process Platform, Applicaton Platform
- Process Integration Content (PIC), PIC 0, PIC 1, PIC 2, PIC 3, GDT PIC
- Industry Value Network, ES Community (ESC), Customer, Partner, Partner Group, Business Process expert, Enterprise architect, Application consultant, SAP ecosystem
- Service Requester, Service Broker, Service Provider
- Switch Framework, Composite Application Framework (CAF), Composition Environment (CE)
- deliver innovation faster,
- process layer, UI layer (user interface), local logic layer (local process layer), enterprise level additon for SOA, business view, technical view
- Web Service Definition Language (WDSL), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI), Extensible Markup Language (XML)
- seamless integration, composite application, segmentation of business function, stable core
- Geoff Moore, Core and Context model, process innovation demand, process efficiency demmand
- Business Process Platform on ABAP stack, Composite Platform / Composite Application on Java stack, Netweaver technology stack, dual stack

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