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Monday, May 5, 2008

Cheaper Balkberry and SAP services

Blackberry has been becoming popular and also cheaper in Indonesia. Mobile communication provider Excelcom Pratama or XL provides this service with quite competitive pricing (200thousand IDR or 14 EUR per month for Unlimited APN Blackbery + free talk program).
This program is also packaged with handheld Blacberry type 8120 and 8820 (Rp 5.5 Million and 6.8 Million Rupiah).
SAP and Research in Motion (RIM, Canadian company as Blackberry maker) announce that they want change the way of people work which allowing them to tie less to their computer and office network, instead they will rely more on SAP and Blackberry services.

SAP software adapted is CRM (customer relationship management) services through web browser frontend as user interface. Business information such as reports, master data records, maps, videos, more complex business data and GPS-enabled services will be readily available in Blueberry services.

SAP also develops business application for iPhone from Apple. The technology behind this will be probably SAP Netweaver supports and sits under the CRM server.

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