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Sunday, May 25, 2008

SAP Insider Administration and Infrastructure Conference

SAP Insider Administration and Infrastructure Conference

Track 1 Managing SAP teams, projects, & technical support
Session 1 Case study: Managing risk - The case for automating change & release management at CHEP
Session 2 Improve the way you communicate & manage change: A tool-based recipe for success
Session 3 Keeping tabs on your contractors: The art & science of managing remote consulting relationships
Session 4 Leverage SAP NWMaster Data Management (SAP NWMDM) to support & enforce your data governance processes
Session 5 Proven strategies for defining, creating, & maintaining a world-class SAP technical support organization
Session 6 What every administrator needs to know about managing portals

Track 2: SAP implementations & upgrades: Strategies, best practices, & project accelerators
Session 1 SAP implementations & upgrades: Strategies, best practices, & project accelerators
Session 2 Case study: Monsanto's multi-year, multi-nation rollout of SAP, all contained in a single instance
Session 3 Case Study: One Basis team's journey from ABAP to J2EE & SAP NetWeaver
Session 4 Technical considerations for preparing, scoping, & performing an SAP upgrade
Session 5 Fortify your SAP ERP upgrade toolbox with the latest tools, accelerators, & resources
Session 6 Update or wait: The key factors that determine if, when, & how to move forward with an SAP ERP upgrade
Session 7 Upgrading BW to SAP NWBI 7.0: An overview of steps, including tips & tricks to ensure a successful upgrade
Session 8 Upgrading to Oracle 10G: Critical decisions for SAP administrators
Session 9 Methods for sizing your SAP hardware systems: From blueprint to upgrade
Session 10 Planning an SAP NWBI system landscape for your SAP NW7.0 implementation
Session 11 The best ways to tackle application modifications, testing, & other key technical SAP ERP upgrade considerations

Track 3 Optimizing your security, audit, & compliance activities
Session 1 A comprehensive guide to securing your SAP NWPortal
Session 2 Best practices for building a secure & centralized identity & authentication management solution using SAP NWPortal & LDAP
Session 3 Best practices to design & implement SAP security roles Part 1: Ensuring airtight Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
Session 4 Best practices to design & implement SAP security roles Part 2: Technical solutions revealed to simplify security administration
Session 5 How to provide & support single sign-on to heterogeneous system landscapes using SAP NW
Session 6 Invaluable lessons for mastering technical change management audits
Session 7 Tricks & tools for early detection of auditing problems in your SAP configuration & data
Session 8 Case study: How ConocoPhillips secures external access to its SAP systems for business partners, customers, & employees
Session 9 Case study: How Polk County school district uses biometric security to lock down specific SAP transaction & functions

Track 4 Lessons to evaluate, implement, & optimize SAP Solution Manager
Session 1 ChaRM your way through key upgrades, implementations, & governance projects with SAP Solution Manager
Session 2 How to utilize SAP Solution Manager for central system monitoring & alert monitoring
Session 3 A Basis administrator's guide to properly implementing & leveraging SAP Solution Manager
Session 4 Case study: How Axon Solutions manages its complex SAP landscape with SAP Solution Manager
Session 5 Improve end-to-end business process operation using SAP Solution Manager & other critical SAP tools
Session 6 Improve the efficiency of end-to-end root cause analysis activities using SAP Solution Manager
Session 7 Using SAP Solution Manager's Service Desk for issue management
Session 8 Introduction to the Maintenance Optimizer:
SAP Solution Manager's new tool for downloading support packages & patches for Java instances
Session 9 Speed up your next SAP implementation or upgrade project using SAP Solution Manager
Session 10 Using SAP Solution Manager to automate & facilitate end-to-end change request management & change control management

Track 5: Ensuring healthy, high-performing SAP systems
Session 1 Administrative best practices, tips, & resources for smooth, stable, & low-cost SAP NWBI operations
Session 2 Dos & don'ts for volume testing your portal
Session 3 How to optimize performance of your enterprise service-oriented architecture
Session 4 Managing qRFC traffic
Session 5 Strategically managing SAP landscape performance: Tips & techniques for effective troubleshooting & proactive performance management
Session 6 Undocumented SAP NWBI 7.0 performance tuning & optimization tips & techniques

Track 6: Managing Java-based resources & applications in an SAP environment
Session 1 An expert guide to successfully managing & executing Java system copy processes
Session 2 Best practices for Java performance analysis
Session 3 A guide to monitoring SAP Web AS Java for administrators
Session 4 A more efficient way to perform Java memory analysis & management
Session 5 Mastering garbage collection in J2EE
Session 6 Evaluate, apply, & manage transports for Java-based SAP applications: Tools & best practices

Track 7: Best practices for high availability, disaster recovery, & SAP landscape optimization
Session 1 Case study: How Axon Global leverages the SAP NWPortal & guided procedures to automate & simplify key administration
Session 2 Case study: How Dominion Resources optimizes the administration of its SAP NWExchange Infrastructure environment
Session 3 Prepare, scope, & deploy a rock-solid disaster recovery plan
Session 4 Case study: Proven tips from Axon on how to build & support complex landscapes through virtualization
Session 5 Changing system landscapes while building sandboxes & development systems
Session 6 Practical tips & techniques to build a highly available SAP NWlandscape
Session 7 Standardizing your SAP R/3 global landscape: It’s not as easy as you may think, but it can be done
Session 8 Strategies & best practices to design a bulletproof disaster recovery architecture for your SAP operations
Session 9 Case study: How Coca-Cola Enterprises delivers continuous global SAP availability

Track 8: Best practices for data management & database administration
Session 1 Improve monitoring & boost query performance using the SAP DBA Cockpit, SAP Code Inspector, & key Microsoft SQL Server features
Session 2 Ready for the Vipers? DB2 9.1 & 9.5 for LUW optimized for SAP
Session 3 Advanced internal Oracle tuning techniques for SAP systems
Session 4 A detailed introduction to SAP data archiving
Session 5 Advanced data archiving & data management techniques for SAP administrators
Session 6 DB2 for LUW optimized for SAP! Fact or fiction?
Session 7 Optimizing SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) transfer performance
Session 8 An A to Z guide to understanding & implementing SAP Content Server & third-party content management tools
Session 9 An introduction to the SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS): Creating non-production systems with a reduced set of data
Session 10 Data archiving & retention management strategies - Tips & techniques for building a technical foundation for Information Lifecycle
Management Solution from SAP
Session 11 SAP ERP data archiving: The latest tools to manage your SAP ERP data archiving projects
Session 12 What every SAP administrator needs to know about Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Track 9: Planning & executing Unicode conversions
Session 1 Case study: How Discovery Communications successfully combined its upgrade & Unicode conversion from SAP R/3 4.6C to SAP ECC 6.0
Session 2 How to choose the right technical conversion process for your Unicode project
Session 3 Project manager's checklist to conduct a Unicode conversion project
Session 4 Valuable tips to optimize your Unicode conversion
Session 5 What every SAP customer needs to know about Unicode conversion projects
Session 6 What you need to know to plan & execute a successful Unicode conversion

I will update the complete details later.

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