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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Training institute was raided in India

n SAP training insitute was raided in India due to their server installation which were unlicensed, read the news here. The servers were used for training purpose, they were probably IDES version of SAP. SAP India also said that the institute was unauthorized.

There seems not only SAP server licenses which are illegally installed and used but also SAP academy documents (such as SAP BC400 as ABAP material training, SAP SAPTEC for SAP BASIS administration training) are likely freely distributed over Internet and people can download from some internet sharing storage. I don’t know whether SAP allow such practices.

I think unauthorized SAP training activity still can deliver their own training material and use licensed SAP customer servers (e.g development, QA/training client) for training purpose (not unlicensed IDES / SAP servers). But this needs more efforts to develop better quality training as SAP standard training material have.


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