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Friday, January 4, 2008

BW/BI 7 system landscape problem and solution

Error message: "BI IDoc type" "is not the same as source system IDoc type"
- when delta load, or when activate a source system from BW, or after SAP system copy
- also after BDLS logical system convertion
- check IDOC definition in SAP BW/BI and source system/ECC
- IDOC with status 51 " No status record was passed to ALE by the application " may be generated in WE02 for RSSEND (RSINFO?)
- try to check partner profile WE20/WE21, some cases after modifying EDIPORT table with tcode SNUM (SAP Note 110849), after creating partner profile then restore source system
- in certain case, Restore source system from BW is needed from RSA1/Administrator workbench

Connecting ECC6.0 and SAP BI         from SDN

Connection between Source Systems and BW 
As a data warehouse, BW is extensively networked with other systems. There are usually several source systems connected to a single BW, and a BW system itself can also be used as a source system. In this case, we speak of data marts.Since changes to a system in the BW source system network affect all of the systems connected to the BW, systems cannot be treated or viewed in isolation.
A connection between a source system and a BW system consists of a sequence of individual links and settings that are made in both systems. ·        RFC connections ·        ALE settings -         Partner profiles -         Port -         IDoc types -         IDoc segments ·        BW settingsRefer to the BW Customizing Implementation Guide under Business Information Warehouse ® Connections to Other Systemsfor details on the customizing settings that are relevant when connecting source systems to a BW system.

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