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Friday, September 7, 2007

sizing for ECC6

For basis administrator, I think there are some steps need to consider related for new implementation of ECC 6.0. ECC is ERP central component, and ERP is enterprise resources planning. It might be ECC7 or ECC8 for later version i guess. This ECC is SAP R3 from older version perspective.

First thing is sizing the hardware and infrastructure. Our role is to find the power of hardware and infrastructure. For sap server, the power is called with SAPS number. From this SAPS number, certified vendors for SAP hardware will recommend the solution selected. Sometimes this is done by vendor with some questionnaire input sent to them regarding server load planned. The tools used here is SAP Quick Sizer

The landscape component at least has Solution Manager. Sometimes in older version, we can borrow solution manager from other company, but in later version this Solman installation becomes obligatory.

- SAP Hardware benchmarking and sizing
- Upgrade training, ADM326 Upgrade to ECC,
- ADM110 Installation training
- SAPTEC training for Fundamental of WAS (Web Application Server, an SAP new Basis)
- Tools

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