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Friday, September 7, 2007

Making Faster Internet, free and not free

Faster internet connection is important to avoid WWW (world web wait). There are some tools we can try. The secret behind this accelerator tool is compression of any internet content. For text, it could be up to more than 10 times compression, so for 1MB text file, it can be compressed up to 100KB or less. For image, it depends on quality and you can set this quality on the tools.

All you need is to download the accellerator client software, and set the proxy to the program (host local computer and certain port e.g. 8080)

- TOONEL: free
- Google Acelerator: free
- NITRO: 80000IDR/3 month
- F5 Acellerator: for enterprise usage, https is supported

Notes: some people told me that this tool cant be used for HTTPS access such as access to SAP Market Place or which are ended to https protocol.

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