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Friday, September 28, 2007

problem and how to stop all sap production, start r3, startsap stopsap command

Problem and how to stop all sap production, start r3, startsap stopsap command

command: as sidadm user "stopsap all" contain following command: "saposcol -l","stopsap r3" and "stopsap db". Additional step to fully stop the instance is run "lsnrctl stop" (under orasid) or in Win you can stop services SID*Services (?)
command: as sidadm user "startsap all" contain following command: "stopsap db" and "stopsap r3". Prerequisite for this is run "lsnrctl start" or start Oracle*Listener service in Windows (?). For other database , the command will be different (lsnrctl command and service name)

The command can be used in production, development, and quality assurance system / QAS. In production, it may slightly be different of high availability setting , e.g. starting and stopping script including startsap and stopsap are included in cluster scripts. The scripts will manage SAP instance, file system, IP address, hostname, database instance resources etc as cluster component. Production also may have more nodes and additional application server comparing to Dev and QAS system.

In Unix/Linux/HPUX/HP-UX/AIX/Windows we can use the command stopsap and staratsap.

In Windows only we can use MMC for SAP .

SAP MaxDB Administration
SAP Business All-In-One - 25 Named User Licenses - MaxDB on Linux
SAP Basis Administration Handbook, NetWeaver Edition
Basis Administration for SAP (SAP R/3)
SAP R/3 System Administration: The Official SAP Guide
SAP R/3 Administration for Dummies
SAP BASIS / Netweaver Administration Academies 2007
SAP Basis Administration
Supply Chain Management auf Basis von SAP-Systemen: Perspektiven der Auftragsabwicklung für Industriebetriebe (SAP Kompetent) (German Edition)
SAP Database Administration with Oracle

There is also browser and java based SAP start and stop management menu and script in all supported operating system.

The stopsap and startsap command also will stop or start java stack in dual stack or single stack (standalone java) of SAP j2ee server. The java component can be also started or stopped through jcmon command e.g.
jcmon pf=profileFIleInFullPath

In Netweaver 7.1 and more the jcmon can't be called since it becomes internal command, there is error
"CMon is a tool for internal use only."
In this case, you can use jsmon as text mode or graphical mode of SAP Management console / MMC to the java stack using internet browser with following address
http://hostname:5TwoDigitOfinstanceNumber13/ e.g. http://netweaver71:50013/

MMC will run applet in your local computer and requires correct java run time environment  / JRE installation.

Example of jsmon command is
jsmon pf=profileFIleInFullPath

Alternatively start and stop can be found in NWA (Netweaver Administration) with following URL:
http://hostname:5TwoDigitOfinstanceNumber00/nwa e.g. http://netweaver:50000/nwa

In case of starting problem:
- try to start up the database only first
- check connection to database : in OS level, login first as sidadm, then run "R3trans -d" command, if RC or return code = 0 is successful, RC >=8 is error, then check file trans.log in same folder you run R3trans command
- hostname problem: check with starsap all HOSTNAME (error profile not found may refer to hostname problem)
- profile problem: make sure profile entries are correct, there are 3 type of parameters in /sapmnt/SID/profile folder (\\hostname\sapmnt\SID\profile in Windows) : DEFAULT, START, and instance profile. Make sure the consistency using sappfpar / pfcheck command in operating system level

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