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Sunday, September 9, 2007

SAP installation: IDES, minisap, trial SAP

Whats the different between IDES, minisap and trial SAP? minisap and trial SAP version from have no business content, they only have ABAP component (or Java for Java J2EE version).

IDES has business content and configured scenario on the business content. So you can ready to make business transaction using the available scenario. While in minisap and trial version, you can only run transaction to create ABAP related objects or make a very basic business scenario since there is no finance controlling module, no material management, no human resources.

In this article I will try to create step by step installation for IDES and other type of SAP with database dependent scenario. It means we can use this procedure as reference for other database (usually MS SQL, Oracle, MaxDB databases).

to be contd.

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sap support pack installation guide said...

Was there ever an article? I looked all over for it but I never found it, or anything about SAP installation for that matter. Come on, give the people what they want!! Thanks (: