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Friday, September 7, 2007

SAP Opportunty for "more hand"

This year I got some projects with job roles described as "We need more hands, so we hire you".

Today i also got an SAP opportunity with such words and the sender asked me to contact him/her because this is urgent opportunity. Interesting one to follow up he3x

Actually the real jobs i can describe as following: 10% full of activity, 10% documentation, 80% waiting. When waiting, i could sleep in chair or anywhere, watching other person doing the real activity, internet browsing, becoming other person standby-backup, and the best experience is walking around shopping malls near the office. In good scenario, i can use the time for SAP training personally in whatever scenario. So this was what they got with hundreds dollar per day they paid.

I myself can enjoy this in short time, but most of the time feel bad and boring with the situation. Hope there would be much more better contract.

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