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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Seismic Data Processing engineer: Promax, Vista 5.5Seismic Data Processing engineer: Promax, Vista 5.5

Seismic Data Processing Consultant

Promax and Vista are seismic data processing solution for geophysicist used in oil and gas industry.

If you need more information about the softwares, please contact Mr Ade (experienced in Promax as well as Vista seismic processing) at 081910438891 or email

Hotel Services

Sharia hotel is one of different style hotel in Indonesia. There is market demand to develop such hotel. One good example of this hotel type in Jakarta is which has 3 hotels running similar services. For more information +6221-3905011 (Hotel Sofyan Betawi), +6221-3140695 (Cikini), and +6221-8295691..99 or email

If you are in Bandung city, such service can be found such at MQ Guest House . For more information Jl. Gegerkalong Girang no 24 Bandung 40154 - INDONESIA
Tel: (+62-22) 200-5105. This is near interesting Pesantren Darut Tauhid (Daarut Tauhid).

However there is no online information about their exact rates. But it seems quite competitive and cheaper than others.

ESQ - newly popular Indonesian Personal Development Training

ESQ is likely spiritual training intended to increase Spiritual Quotient aspect (SQ) and in long term to achieve Indonesia-Emas (Golden Indonesia). We can find the example tools from the training at youtube , but the onsite ESQ training itself seems more realistic and wonderful great to improve SQ. I can say this training is better for Indonesian comparing to training from 7 Habits/8 Habits, Anthony Robbins, etc when this nation finding hard to fight moral issue such as corruption, definitely ESQ is one of the answer.

I heard the training cost is around 1 million up to 3 million rupiahs (330usd), quite expensive but people seems feeling it is worth with the result of the training.

For more information ESQ 165
- Apa Siapa Ary Ginanjar Agustian: ESQ Way founder
- Kekuatan dahsyat Asmaul Husna
- Contact and more information: (click doesnt work in Firefox), ESQ magazine , +6221- 7696654 (hunting),, ESQ Center Jl. Ciputat Raya No.1B Pondok Pinang Jakarta

Similar training on SQ subject is as following from other vendor:

Description: Practical Learning, kekuatan berpikir cemerlalng dan kekuatan sikap yang dapat membawa diri, tim dan rganisasi perusahaan menuju puncak prestasi dan sukses dunia akhirat.
From company: Pro.M-Link (Building A Global Leadership)
Fasilitator: Heru Binawan and Felix Siaw
Fee: Rp 300.000 (Jakarta)
Contact: +6221-70004404

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