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Thursday, September 20, 2007

OGG Middle East Oil Gas and Gold: source of disaster

If not cooperative to share their oil, gas and gold, middle east countries are hunted by foreign countries with many scenarios: weapon of mass destruction, human right abuse. This rich resources become disaster for the owner. 

In Africa: Libya

NATO kills 10 civilians for every troop targeted, destroys children's facilities 

sjvietboy408 : Gaddafi has made a speech to millions of his supporters in Libya, in one of his quotes he stated "the people of the West and the people of Europe does not want war their government wants war" and then awhile later you hear the mainstream media "report" that Gaddafi will order attacks to be carried out in Europe which will kill civilians. Get ready for false flag attacks in Europe, UK, and US to be blamed on Gaddafi the next boogeyman after Osama boogeyman's death, how convenient.

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