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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

accessing 24 hour MSN / yahoo messenger from handphone in Jakarta

I have been 2 years using my phone to access yahoo messenger in Jakarta. The daily cost is relatively cheap, for around 24 hour connection per day I spend 200-400KB a day, this costs IDR 2000-4000 (20-40 cent USD) a day if using GPRS XL (XL Explor post paid package) or CDMA Starone pre-paid package.

My old thera audiovox PDA phone uses CDMA Starone and Agile Messenger.

While Sony Erriccson K610i uses XL Explor post paid and Reporo Messenger. M600i uses Agile Messenger and XL Explor or sometime Centrin-XL unlimited mobile internet package.

Using this combination I can be online everywhere and anytime in Jakarta or even when traveling out of Jakarta hundreds kilometers away.

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