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Monday, June 25, 2007

Boeing has more worst-accident records than Airbus

I got information about the 100 worst aviation disasters from and found 50 percent of the accident came from B or Boeing airplane, while Airbus is 10 percent. Should we consider this that Airbus is safer than Boeing? I myself feel confident and safer when sitting back at Airbus. The top fatality in the list (9/11) however suspected not really by the plane, they are suspected as missile/rocket hitting the building, evidence also cleared soon by government for their purpose to avoid further investigation. You can find more than million videos and information about this in youtube and others.

It is true that Boeing airplane means more disaster in certain countries while spare-parts, support and maintenance for the plane safety and regular maintenance are more blocked-off (boycotted) from the manufacturer country because of human right issue, terrorist issue, or many related business issue.
I don’t know whether Indonesia will be blocked (getting embargo) from Boeing manufacture country someday, but the probability to get this situation are definitely higher in using Boeing rather than using Airbush, this embargo has been happening such as for military and public aircraft maintenance. So Boeing are still higher accident probability than Airbus has if we consider thorough many aspects especially for long term maintenance. It is not fair situation for Boeing mostly caused by government politics and policies, however that is happening comparing to other aircraft. Investing in the certain aircraft will have higher opportunity to lost standard maintenance and standard critical safety because of politic reason.

Boeing also use new composite material which need more and proven testing for safety from flight accident.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. The ratings are ranked by number of deaths.
#1 Was 9/11/2001 Would Airbus aircraft be safer with Muslim terrorists hijacking them?

Since they are ranked by number of deaths per incidents, the Boeing 747 carries more people than any Airbus (except for the new one which hasn't even flown commercially yet.

Boeing has been making planes a lot longer than Airbus, so there are many more Boeing flights over the past 50 years than Airbus.

Please take a statistics class before you make such misleading statements. Or maybe you could become a speechwriter for the U.S. Republican party.