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Monday, June 18, 2007

Idea: Migration Services from Windows to Linux

This is actually not my idea and Im not an expert on Windows and Linux. However it is worth to define the business opportunity around Windows and Linux. Both are great operating system. Some idea regarding on this are:

  • Migration services from Windows to Linux
  • Support services for Windows
  • Support services for Linux server and client
  • Assessment services for Migration: migration blueprint

For migration services:

  • contract based, handed-over to customer with clear delivery strategy
  • clear deliverables: what object to be delivered (document, assessment, blueprint, servers, project, implementation, migration, upgrade, etc)
  • project templates for accelerated-blue print and execution
  • documentation on all possible business scenario on existing system
  • documentation on all possible business risks from migration, escalation strategy, and resolution (solution)
  • clear roadmap and its timeline for migration
  • high-level scenario for the migration
  • divide the migration projects into smaller sub-projects and components, such as server components (web server, email server, etc), office application component, additional tools, etc
  • clear overall cost for migration (please to consider no such free lunch)
  • delta training availability: training on how user use same scenario from previous Windows system in Linux
  • migration support services: onsite support, helpdesk and remote support
  • migration mapping and migration path
  • etc to be continued

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