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Monday, June 25, 2007

I want to visit Indonesian Computer Show 2007

The venue is 27 June to 1 July 2007 at Jakarta Convention Center / JCC. (There are also lists of few computer event and festival at the web site). I am interested to get a good new laptop especially local brand like Axioo or Zyrex which are quite competitive and cheap comparing to Singapore.

E.g Axioo Celeron laptop 14″ price is Rp 4 million or 450USD and 12″ Core Duo laptop price price can be less than 8 million IDR ( less t. 890USD, ion laptop brand has 6.9million IDR or 770 USD with 12″ Core Duo), while few month ago I found 2000SGD (12 million IDR or 1300USD) for the cheapest 12″ Core Duo laptop in Singapore at Suntec computer exhibition promotion (around March 2007). The celeron laptop in Singapore also still more expensive than Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Indonesia (Jakarta). There is a report about this price comparison from

The candidates i probably i buy are as following

  • Zyrex laptop 12″ T080 Processor with 2GB RAM upgrade for 8.5-8.7 million Rp
  • Acer laptop 14″ Turion TL-50 Dual Core 512MB RAM for 5.9 million Rp; this is already 64bit processor
  • Axioo laptop 12″ T2250 processor with 2GB RAM upgrade for 9 million Rp
  • Axioo laptop 14″ T2250 processor with 2GB RAM for 6.8 million Rp
  • Ion notebook 12″ T5500 Core2Duo with 1GB RAM capable of 4GB RAM, 8.2 million Rp; it’s interesting to try 64bit CPU and 4GB RAM for better future extension!
  • Ion laptop 12″ T2060 Core Duo, Rp 6.9 million
  • Relion laptop 12″ with Turion TL-50 Dual Core with 1GB RAM for 8.5 million Rp

Comparing the pricing we need some online shopping center for reference. They are as following

I wrote following notes in March 2007 comparing to Singapore exhibition:

Pameran Komputer di Suntec City dan JHCC Jakarta/ Computer Exhibition in Suntec City and JHCC Jakarta

There are two similar events this weekend in Jakarta and Singapore… IT or Computer Exhibition. I try to compare some laptops and parts because i have planning to buy a new laptop, the old one which i bought in Kualalumpur (Compaq Presario Celeron 1.4GHz, 1GB RAM, 60GB Hardisk) will be used for my wife and kids.

My criteria are: cheap, 12/13 inch, drivers available for Win2000 Server, minimum RAM 1GB extendbl to 2GB, minimum problem. My finding is
- parts in Singapore is cheaper , but Jakarta has a lot option of more cheaper laptop than Singapore such as Axioo and Zyrex (my brother has proven that Axioo Celeron is stable for ERP application servers / Business Intelligence and its database for only 670SGD/440USD, some research in internet can’t find significant problem on the products for two year usage)
- Zyrex brand (Jkt) NDVxxx type: 8.5million IDR or 1417SGD with spec Core2Duo, 13inch, 1GB RAM, 80GB Hardisk, 1 year warranty, the salesperson said they already prove this box can run Win2K but i didn’t find the W2K drivers from, they said i can try installing when buying it
- Prestigio brand (Sg) X20 type: 1480SGD, 12″, Core Duo (NOT core2duo), RAM 1GB, 80GB, 3 year warranty 1 year parts.

Prestigio has 12″ CELERON for 1080SGD (1GB RAM, 40GB HD).
- HD 80GB : 95SGD, 100GB: 115SGD, RAM 1GB 110SGD (in SG, looks cheaper than Jakarta)

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