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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Business Server Benchmark on SAP

Got information from this forum

regarding which CPU / core / thread is more powerful for business processing. The hardware are certified and benchmarked by SAP in SAPS number. We can see list of hardware in following link

I think the data on the forum was not up-to-date.

100 SAPs is 1000 Transactions/Hour in an SAP system HP rx7620, 8-way SMP, Intel Itanium 2, 1.5 GHz:
7530 SAPS
941 SAPs/CPU

HP ProLiant DL585, 4-way SMP, Dual-core AMD Opteron:
8900 SAPs
2225 SAPs/CPU or 1113 SAPs/Core

HP ProLiant DL580 G3, 4-way SMP, Intel XEON MP
4700 SAPs
1175 SAPs/CPU

IBM eServer p5 Model 570, 8-way SMP, POWER5
12650 SAPs
1581 SAPs/CPU

Sun Fire E4900, 2-way SMP, UltraSPARC IV 1.2 GHz
1620 SAPs
810 SAPs/CPU

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