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Monday, June 25, 2007

mastering vi editor

When i work in Unix environment such as HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, or Solaris; it is very important to be able to edit files. The file could be configuration file, scripts, or just note. I still remember some command of vi after long time not using it (more than 1 year) by limiting to remember only certain important command of vi. I think no need to master vi. Also don’t expect to use easy editor such as pico editor I got 5 years ago in FreeBSD environment, be familiar with vi is a must for people who take care of Unix system.

vi editor , Unix system. Limited command




i addition / insert

/text ENTER : search “text″

:angka ENTER : go to “angka”

:q ENTER exit

:w ENTER save file

ending ! to force e.g. :w!, :wq!

backspace?? …try combination move right/left and d (delete char)

“vi namifile.txt”

type i

coba ketik pancasila dan beberapa silanya

coba hapus salah satu kata

coba tambah kata di tengah2 baris

coba hapus satu baris

coba cari kata “yang”

simpan file


keluar sambil ga simpan pake :q!

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