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Saturday, June 23, 2007

tradition in memorizing all verses of Quran

To memorize all content (all verses completely) of Al-Qur’an is very amazing for me. Especially when this ability comes from a lot of people we can meet in Indonesia and other countries .

This tradition keeps the authenticity of Al-Quran through highly assured quality assurance system, no single change (no single character change) is permitted in Quran especially when people think the verses are not correct in meaning and order (in other holy book, i think it is true if you think the verses are not suitable with people idea, you can revise the holy book).

The tradition also came from how the verses were delivered originally. The verses were memorized originally (without literal writing) and we know still thousands of people are able to memorize all the contents in this time precisely and all verses completely tested.

However beside keep the authenticity of Quran, how to implement it in follower’s life effectively, orderly and thoroughly. This needs resources in term of time, brain power, resources, financing and managerial skill.

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