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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Writing CV, i think should be longer and more detailed

There are a lot of good guidance from Internet how to write a good CV. However sometime i have personal opinion on how the CV written. CV is our firs-time and first-level public relation officer and our representative. Before yourself meet employers or companies, the cv will be your representative (wakil). Here are some of my opinion:

  • I think we have to update our CV more frequent such as weekly basis. This is how we keep and monitor our progress and performance in term of list of experience, knowledge and skill we get more frequent and more controlled. If we feel there is no new item written on the CV for few months, there are something wrong in our personal and career development! How if we check and update this in weekly basis? That would be great.
  • from this frequent update, you will get feedback on how to update your action on upgrading your cv to better level especially section which not good and need more training or experience or time to study
  • don’t worry to put your study without experience on the cv, put on the knowledge section
  • three important section: experience (you really have done them), skill (you expertise), knowledge (what you study without experience)
  • If you are not sure to state your skill because already not capable and forgot the details, put in the knowledge section
  • One page CV, less is better. This is good. However to maintain our records of skill, experience, and knowledge, I think the CV should be longer than that. I agree that the first page should be very interesting and eye-catching and also become our virtual-representative, but this doesn’t mean to write only one or two pages of CV.
  • to be continued: status:draft

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