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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

making ourphone as iPhone

The iPhone becomes iphone, and i think it is possible to make our phone as iphone, even better phone than iphone. iphone is new family of phone, iPhone is Steve Jobs’ product. iPhone seems having better user-friendly feature, great multimedia feature, ipod and phone combination, but this is not revolutionary.

To make this possible our phone should be at least

  • PDA phone
  • has internet, wifi and bluetooth connection
  • proven internet and multimedia capability

I am sure that iPhone is better in many points from our phone, but however if we think it is not time to buy iPhone, just use our phone to have certain iPhone capability. One of the capability is youtube video player, i think it is very possible in most of non-iPhone PDA or smartphone, but of course it is possibly we have to install some plug-in or additional software component for existing browser. However i am sure more countries will use this capability just an unuseful additional acsessories because of internet infrastructure limitation and internet cost and only good if you go to a internet hot spot first.

The iPhone operating system OS X is probably also not yet proven in mobile phone, while other operating system run well for mobile game, personal assistance, multimedia player, internet browser and internet messaging. Messaging seems not quite supported by iPhone, no MMS, lack of stylus for writing, and unproven virtual keyboard. I think iPhone is definitely not for chatting with any style.

Ourphone also has huge and more software selection than iPhone, what you can enjoy with iPhone is probably not new software or game but new song and video. Our phone data communication will be also better than iPhone since there is no 3G connection making iPhone slower downloading internet data.

There is also no such video call in iPhone. It probably better to buy when iPhone2 is launched, in that time there will be more competitive product choices of iphone (not iPhone).

Other iphones:

  • CECT P168: iPhone style phone with dual SIM card from China
  • HTC Touch with MS Mobile 6 OS, 3G and Wifi, more software choices

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